Since 1957, Alina Lodge has specialized in providing individualized treatment for Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

Recovery involves the process of changing one's attitudes, values, feelings and family roles, managing the disease while gaining new optimism, achieving integration into society rather than being isolated from a sense of community, and living a satisfied life within the limits learned in recovery.

Our mission at Alina Lodge is to provide affordable residential treatment and care, both as a first-stop facility and for the chronically ill and relapse-prone alcoholics, drug addicts, and those with dual disorders, and to provide a strong family program.

About Our Treatment Program

Our treatment program features:

  • Specialized treatment for the chronic relapser
  • 6 Month minimum for those who have failed to maintain sobriety after attending other inpatient programs. Those who need long term inpatient or residential treatment can obtain what Alina Lodge has always been known for... superior treatment, second to none.
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment: Strong 12 Step component
  • Structured non-permissive and supportive environment
  • On-site Family treatment

Our New York area alcohol and drug addiction treatment program has proven to be one of the most successful programs for the alcoholic and addict. At Alina Lodge we know undiagnosed and untreated disorders are a leading cause of relapse. We address this through trauma work, grief group, co-dependency, eating disorder group, anger management, spirituality weekends, sex and relationship addiction, gambling addiction, and other process addiction treatment.

Alina Lodge cleared my black, hollowed soul, filled it with light, soothed it with faith, and nurtured it with hope. I am forever grateful. - Liz S.
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