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March 2019

March is National Nutrition Month.

Nutrition in Recovery: The goal is to find a balance in intake between Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat to meet macronutrient needs, balance brain chemistry, and maintain a stable blood glucose level...

Ellen Sagan

By taking in adequate protein, cravings can be minimized which helps prevent the need to use drugs, alcohol, or sugar to meet those needs...
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Ellen Sagan, B.S., RD


February 2019

Don’t Call Me Names: You’re Codependent, You’re An Enabler, You’re The Weak Link.

The truth is Codependency is different than loving, caring, helping and being supportive.

Donna Pittala

A family that is dealing with an active addict is in crisis, many times dealing with life and death situations. There are no hard and fast rules to tell us exactly how to respond in each situation. Right now, the opioid epidemic has many families in a panic...
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Donna Pittala, MA, LCADC, CODS, CCS
Director of Family Services

Eating Disorder Recovery

January 2019

Eileen Reuter - Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor

At Alina Lodge we are aware of the many co-occurring disorders that our students struggle with, in addition to their substance abuse. These combined issues add confusing and complicated components to treatment. But it is necessary to address...
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Eileen Reuter