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The First Treatment Center in New Jersey

Located in Blairstown, NJ

Alina Lodge began in 1957 as the first treatment center in the state of New Jersey. With a rich history in AA, our Blairstown addiction treatment center has led countless guests to the hope of recovery.

Located among the gorgeous state parks and state forests of New Jersey, Alina Lodge’s campus is an ideal place to begin the journey to sobriety.

Considered among the top residential addiction treatment programs in the United States, Alina Lodge continues to integrate new and innovative therapies into our time-honored approach to treatment of substance use disorders.

Insurance Accepted

We accept health insurance plans. If you have questions about insurance coverage or whether your insurance provider is accepted, contact our admissions team today. We can guide you through the process of determining what your policy covers and answer any questions you may have about our residential treatment services or outpatient programs.

Treatment Programs for Every Recovery Journey

Each of our programs is customized to support the individual needs of our guests. Whether inpatient, outpatient or extended care, treatment will address all sides of the disease of addiction and any co-occurring illnesses — mental or physical.

As a non-profit provider, we believe that everyone should have a chance at recovery, which is why we strive to make treatment affordable and accessible by offering various inpatient programs to meet the needs of and give hope to everyone seeking recovery.

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Residential Care

At Alina Lodge’s residential treatment center in New Jersey, we specialize only in addiction treatment and we require a minimum stay of 28-days. Many guests choose to stay longer and we are known for providing long-term treatment for those individuals who seek it.


28-Day Program

By introducing a 28-day residential treatment program, we bring the same approach used in our long-term residential treatment program – an approach that yields tangible results and has gained us recognition in the industry. However, by establishing a 28-day minimum, we grant access to a larger population of potential participants who need our help.

Alumni Program

At Alina Lodge we are not only fully committed to helping our guests recover, but we are also equally passionate about helping our alumni continue their journey of recovery. By providing alumni with multiple ways to connect, we offer both compassionate support and an opportunity to celebrate the gifts of living a happy, joyous, and free, life in recovery.


Family Therapy Program

One of the most challenging and insidious effects of substance abuse is that it tears families apart. Our family therapy program gives our guests and their family members a deeper understanding of how addiction has affected every member of the family unit. We also help them to put strategies in place to deal with conflict and crisis when it arises.

Meet Our Credentialed Clinicians


Thérèse Smerklo, MA, LPC, LCADC

Clinical Director

Thérèse is now the Clinical Director at Alina Lodge. She has been a counselor on the women’s team at Alina Lodge since 2014. Thérèse received her Master’s degree...

Benny McKinney, CADC

Benny McKinney, CADC


Benny entered the field of addiction in 2009 as a Residential Aid at Straight and Narrow in Paterson NJ. In 2011 he accepted a position as Residential Aid at Endeavor...

Bobbi Bolcato

Bobbi Bolcato

Registered Dietician, Health Coach

Babette received her Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Saint Elizabeth. Babette recently joined the Alina Lodge team. She brings with her 25+ years of...

Jane Smith, MA

Jane Smith, MA


Jane received her master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from Centenary University in 2022. While attending her master’s program, she worked with...

Alexander Kudryk, MD, ABIM, ABAM, FASAM

Alexander Kudryk, MD, ABIM, ABAM, FASAM

Medical Director

Dr. Alexander Kudryk is a graduate from Manhattan College in Biology and St. John’s University in Pharmacy. Dr. Kudryk completed his residency, was Chief Resident and instructor in Internal Medicine...

Detox Services

Our first step is to consult our comprehensive network of detoxification units so that we can recommend the detox center that best suits your needs. Once the detoxification process is complete, your 28-day rehab program can begin. For those whose clinical needs meet our requirements, long-term addiction treatment in New Jersey is also available.


Chronic Relapse Treatment

For most individuals seeking addiction treatment, detox is the first step to breaking the physical and psychological hold that a substance has on their system. Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be a dangerous and even life-threatening process, and is best done under medical supervision. When an individual’s body becomes dependent on a substance, quitting cold turkey can cause their system to shut down. In a medically-supervised detox program, a caring medical team will oversee the withdrawal process, providing necessary medications and emotional support to ease symptoms and stabilize vitals.

Sober Living

Haley House sits along the banks of the Paulinskill River in northwestern New Jersey on ten beautiful, wooded acres adjacent to the main campus of Little Hill Foundation. Haley House encourages and provides a safe, nurturing, and supportive living experience for women who have completed treatment for addiction; however, they may need more time, assistance, and practice living sober. Residents receive treatment with diverse counseling modalities with a robust 12-step component. Our integrated services, excellent staff, and emphasis on the whole person–and the whole family–contribute to our successful track record with those suffering from addiction.


Alina Lodge
We are the leading drug & alcohol treatment center in New Jersey. Our campus is tucked away amongst the beautiful state parks and forests of Blairstown, NJ.

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