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What Alina Lodge Graduates Say:

Parent Testimonials

Alina Lodge testimonials “Our son wasn’t supposed to have this disease. He was a high achiever, well-liked by peers and teachers. Insidiously, alcohol and drugs took over his senior year of high school. By the time he reached college, and returned home after total academic failure, he wasn’t our son. Addiction had altered every aspect of his personality and our lives were unmanageable.

Helpless, we reached out to Alina. Alina’s extraordinary team immediately supported our tough-love stance, entreating us to stay strong to persevere with equal parts hope and patience. When he finally agreed to admit himself to Alina, his life, and ours changed forever. He spent seven existence-altering months in the Lodge, his journey far from a straight line toward recovery. Yet Alina reminded us often that addictions grip on body, mind and spirit doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does recovery.

Thanks to Alina’s comprehensive approach, including sensitive outreach to our entire family, our son emerged ready to face the world. It’s no exaggeration to say that Alina Lodge saved our son’s life.”

AHC, parent of an alumnus

“Personally, Alina means to me a haven that that offers hope and a chance for a life free of alcohol and drugs. It means being able to sleep at night not worrying about my son’s whereabouts. It means learning to allow my son to be responsible for his own recovery. I think that Alina saved my son’s life.

My son had had several previous attempts at recovery at other rehabs. But when he disappeared in Tijuana, Mexico my husband and I were frantic. When he returned our counselor recommended the Lodge for him. We didn’t know anything about Alina until then but it sounded like the right place to us.

While my son was at the Lodge we experienced many emotions. Sometimes we wondered if he would ever recover. Often when we visited he was angry, frustrated, ungrateful and stubborn. We learned why our denial, enabling and attempts to control were futile. We learned that we could not solve his problems. We learned to let go and let the professionals and staff at the Lodge do their work. As our son progressed so did my husband and myself. It was not easy. It was work but the results were entirely worthwhile. Our son recently celebrated his 5th year of recovery. He enjoys his life, has a responsible job and is a pleasure to be with. The son who was “lost” is back. We are thankful every day for all that Alina Lodge did for us.”

Mary, mother of alumnus