Little Hill Foundation Board Of Trustees

Back Row From Left:
Michael Noyes, Andy Olson, Kevin Clark, William Robbins, Robert Berry, Tim Case, Steven Berkowitz, Amy McLaren, Liz Shaw

Front Row From Left:
Robert Parsley, Nancy O’Brien, George Johns, Peter Lazar, Sue Uva, Charles Burns, Gail Hein

Missing from photo:
Linda Goldman, Wendy Kaufman

The Little Hill Foundation Board of Trustees includes an executive committee:


  • Robert Berry, President
  • Steven Berkowitz, 1st Vice President
  • Tim Case, 2nd Vice President
  • Gail Hein, Secretary
  • Kevin Clarke, Treasurer


  • Charles Burns, M.D.
  • Linda Goldman
  • George Johns
  • Wendy Kaufman
  • Peter Lazar, LCSW
  • Amy McLaren
  • Michael Noyes
  • Nancy O’Brien
  • Andy Olson
  • Robert Parsley
  • Elizabeth Shaw
  • Sue Uva

President’s Message

I am honored to serve as the President of the Board of Trustees for Alina Lodge. The need to support addiction treatment and mental health care has never been more necessary.

Over the past ten years I have seen firsthand what it takes to make a difference in the lives of Alina Lodge students and Haley House residents. The Board of Trustees is a group of dedicated and supportive individuals. Each brings their own professional talent and wisdom to continue the legacy of Geraldine Delaney which began over 63 years ago. I am privileged to work with such a committed leadership team.

Our staff are skilled and devoted. The Clinical staff ensures that each member of our community and their families receives the personal long-term care they need. Our Kitchen, Housekeeping, Medical Department, Facilitators and Grounds Staff work together to provide the environment where recovery is possible. Our Management Team and Support Staff run an efficient operation and works with the Board and our Donors to provide the resources necessary for success.

As we look to the future, the mission of Alina Lodge remains to help individuals and their families attain and maintain lives of hope and recovery from substance abuse disorders. To this end, our Scholarship Fund that ensures our students in greatest need have time to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, will continue to be our fundraising priority.

I thank each person who supports our mission through service work, contributions and volunteerism. That is what makes Alina Lodge so special. The people who come together to help our students, residents and their families find their pathway to a happy and fulfilling life, free of addiction.


Robert Berry, President, Board of Trustees

Little Hill Foundation operating Alina Lodge and Haley House.


William Robbins

Executive Director, LCSW, CCS

Bill is a licensed clinical social worker having earned a Master’s Degree from Columbia University’s School of Social Work in 1996. He worked at The Educational Alliance in New York City as a staff therapist in a Therapeutic Community for adults with drug and alcohol dependence. After several years he was promoted to clinical director, where he served in that capacity for seven years, overseeing all clinical, administrative, and fiscal responsibilities.

During this period William opened his own private psychotherapy practice specializing in treating individuals with drug/alcohol dependence, as well as anxiety and depressive disorders. William then transitioned to High Focus Centers in New Jersey where he provided addiction counseling to adult patients in an IOP setting.

After a brief time, he was moved into a supervisory position where he balanced the administrative needs of the program while continuing to provide clinical services. William holds his CCS (Certified Clinical Supervisor), allowing him to provide clinical supervision to other therapists.

William joined the dynamic clinical staff of Alina Lodge in 2012 and was promoted to Executive Director of Little Hill Foundation in January 2019. He oversees clinical programs and operations at Alina Lodge and Haley House offering a continuum of care and treatment.