The “continuum of care” refers to the treatment needed to overcome a chronic disease such as substance use a doctor discussing continuum of caredisorder. Your continuum of care begins with preventive medicine and continues through recovery and beyond. It may include detox, admission to a residential program, participation in an outpatient program, and aftercare services once treatment has concluded. All aspects of your treatment plan work together to help you heal. They will then support you as you move forward in recovery.

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The Importance of the Continuum of Care

For those in recovery from substance use disorder, continuity and routine are important. Days must be structured, and there must be daily goals to meet. This gives life purpose. There must also be a firm treatment plan in place. As a result, both the student and the addiction specialist know what to expect during each new phase of recovery. Your continuum of care ensures you receive all the help you need as you move forward from detox to healing. It guarantees you’ll receive the therapy and counseling you’ll need. And it offers the support of peers and clinical staff to help you succeed.

The Role of Aftercare in the Continuum of Care

When choosing a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, it’s important to choose one that includes a solid aftercare program as part of the continuum of care. Aftercare is the support and nurturing you receive once you’ve concluded treatment. It’s beneficial when you are trying to assimilate back to routine. This is the period when many people in recovery struggle with relapse. But if you have an aftercare program that offers ongoing support, it’s easier to stay focused. An aftercare program may feature multiple benefits, including:

  • Sober living facilities
  • A 24-hour crisis line
  • Ongoing access to counselors and therapists
  • Annual alumni events
  • Peer support meetings

Aftercare is the final stage in your continuum of care for substance use disorder. Consequently, it can make a huge difference in whether you’re able to maintain sobriety for life.

When the Continuum of Care Is Interrupted

Not every student is able to achieve a recovery on the first attempt, or even the second or third. Leaving a residential program before treatment ends interrupts your continuum of care. This often leads to relapse. However, just because you tried once and faltered, does not mean there is no reason to keep fighting. In fact, it means the opposite. The harder you try and the more determined you are to adhere to your treatment program and practice your recovery behaviors, the better results you’ll experience.

At Alina Lodge, we address this issue in several ways. Most important, we offer long-term care, which is more effective and less costly than multiple short stints in rehab. We also run Haley House, a sober living facility that allows our female students to transition back into their everyday lives.

Learn More at Alina Lodge

At Alina Lodge, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in New Jersey, we’ll meet you wherever you are in your recovery journey and guide you gently forward. Most students who choose Alina Lodge come to us with a strong desire to detox and recover. But they have little idea of how to achieve it. Once you’re admitted to our drug and alcohol treatment program, we’ll help you find a more manageable life.

Through honest feedback and high-quality care, we’ll teach you healthier ways of coping that don’t involve self-medicating. Through behavioral counseling, we’ll help you discover the roots of your addiction and explore the people and circumstances that act as triggers. Having a keen understanding of addiction is one of the first and most important steps in overcoming it. At Alina Lodge, our experienced and compassionate care team will devise a treatment plan that’s customized to you, addressing your specific needs and concerns. As a result, you’ll have the best chance of achieving lifelong recovery. When you’re ready to reach out for help to recover from substance use disorder, contact Alina Lodge online or call us at 833.685.1700 for information.