Our mission at Alina Lodge is to provide affordable residential treatment and care, both as a first-stop facility and for the chronically ill and relapse-prone alcoholics, drug addicts, and those with dual disorders, and to provide a strong family program.

And to continue to specialize in clinical treatment for chronic/ relapse prone patients who are experiencing life-threatening and/ or serious consequences due to addictive behaviors.

Our Vision

To see Alina Lodge continue to be recognized as a national leader in long-term rehabilitation for treatment resistant and relapse prone alcoholic, drug addicted and dual disorder adults and their families.

To maintain the unique and effective clinical model begun in 1957 by Mrs. Geraldine O. Delaney, while also remembering to continue to incorporate innovative techniques just as she always did.

Our Philosophy

The promise of hope starts with clear facts. Self discipline, accountability and the ability to make responsible choices are seen as essential for a successful recovery. Our structured approach is strongly based upon the 12 steps of AA and is designed to help our clients successfully develop these assets. To this end, the people in residence are referred to as students because they are here to learn and live a new life in sobriety. Our students are always treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

Graduates, Alumni of Alina Lodge

The education received through lectures, one-on-one counselling and group therapy instils awareness in each student of their addiction and how to cope with life on life's terms. Dignity and the development of a healthy self-image are viewed as basic to recovery. Emphasis is placed on developing rigorous self-honesty and learning appropriate self-care skills. Interest in appearance and well-being is fostered with a balanced diet and exercise.

At Alina Lodge we believe alcoholism is a chronic, progressive, potentially fatal disease that is highly treatable. With sufficient structure, support, and time in abstinence, we know that recovery is possible. We believe it is a family disease as well. Those who are related to an alcoholic / chemically addicted person often experience the same debilitating symptoms as the alcoholic /addict.

Thousands of men and women from all walks of life, vocations, ethnic backgrounds, and belief systems have begun their journey to continuous, productive, successful sobriety with us for the past 63 years. Recovery begins with a great deal of hard work on the student's part, learning the true nature of the disease while developing self-acceptance.

Time is often the critical factor for full rehabilitation. Time allows...

  • The body to become truly chemical free.
  • The mind a chance to develop new mental habits.
  • The practice of new behavioural skills.
  • The replacement of unhealthy people, places, and things with healthy ones.
  • The creation of an effective support system.
  • Family relationships to begin a healing process.

Our Tradition

  • Looking reality in the eye no matter how tough that is for each student.
  • Learning to live moderately, nothing in excess, everything in balance.
  • Eating well, sleeping well, relaxing well, working well and going to meetings regularly.
  • Thinking positively. Being generous and helping others.
  • Making decisions, not letting decisions make you.
  • Living one day at a time.
  • Strong faith and a commitment to a force greater than ourselves