12-Step Therapy Program at Alina Lodge

For the better part of a century, 12 step therapy programs have been a well-respected, evidence-based method of a group therapy session talking about 12 step therapy programovercoming addiction. A 12 step program requires you to be honest about how much addiction is controlling your actions. It then walks you through a series of steps designed to give you the tools you need to live a healthy, sober life. Millions of Americans have benefitted from their blend of compassion, honesty, and accountability.

At Alina Lodge, we utilize the 12 step approach to help our clients overcome their addictions. That’s because we see it working every day.

If you feel that you or someone you care about would benefit from a 12 step center or would just like to learn more, don’t hesitate. Reach out to the expert team at Alina Lodge today by calling 800.575.6343.

What Is a 12 Step Therapy Program?

As the name suggests, a 12 step program is an addiction treatment method that revolves around completing 12 specific steps on the road to recovery. Dr. Bill Wilson of Akron, Ohio, developed the 12 steps in the mid-1930s, amid the Great Depression. The organization he founded — Alcoholics Anonymous, sometimes referred to by its initials, “AA” — was one of the first to champion sobriety in a systematic, non-punitive way that allowed participants in the program to take charge of their lives.

The AA model has since been adapted to represent the many forms addiction takes — heroin addiction, meth, food, and so on — and has helped millions of individuals struggling with addiction break free of its bonds. At Alina Lodge, we incorporate a 12 step therapy program into all of our treatment programming.


Why 12 Steps?

Recovery is a process. In this sense, time is your ally. For this reason, our 12 step therapy center in New Jersey aims to put this process into a system that you can follow step-by-step as your brain heals.

By way of example, the first step of the 12 is to recognize you have let your substance use take over your life. This first step is one of the most challenging hurdles in the recovery process because it is difficult to admit that one is powerless. The reality is that addiction takes control of everything it comes into contact with. If you or someone you care about is battling addiction, you have already begun to grapple with this issue.

Each step of the 12 sounds simple. It is tempting to think, for instance, that you can complete the program without the additional support of a 12 step therapy program. The reality of the situation, however, is that the program is designed to be completed with the help of mentors and peers in recovery. Additionally, it is a sad fact that most solo attempts to free oneself of drugs and alcohol result in relapse. Because of the dangerous side effects of alcohol withdrawal, trying to detox on your own can also be dangerous or even deadly.

The addiction specialists at Alina Lodge will be with you every step of the way, helping you walk through the steps you must take to achieve long-term sobriety. It’s our guarantee.

What to Expect at Alina Lodge’s 12 Step Therapy Center in New Jersey

At Alina Lodge, we offer our 12 step therapy program alongside other effective therapies and treatments. Among these are:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder)
  • Trauma resolution
  • Reality therapy
  • Family services
  • Continuum of care
  • Online meetings and telehealth
  • Long term treatment

A 12 step therapy program is the systematic approach to living a healthier, fuller life. If you’re ready to take that first step, please call us at 800.575.6343.


Reach Out to Alina Lodge Today

Not every treatment approach is right for every person struggling with substance use issues. At Alina Lodge, we have designed our programs around giving patients the time and individual support they need to achieve lasting sobriety. At Alina Lodge, we can give you the tools you need to reclaim your life from drugs and alcohol. Reach out to us online today or call 800.575.63431.