Group Therapy Program at Alina Lodge

A group therapy program is a staple in most therapeutic environments, including addiction treatment. There is more to it than getting people together to talk about their problems, though. The idea of participating in a group can be intimidating for some, so it’s important to understand how it works and why it matters at Alina Lodge. Reach out to our team and learn more about addiction therapies in Blairstown, New Jersey.

What Happens in a Group Therapy Program?

Group therapy is, in short, a way to take advantage of social reinforcement as a means of combatting addiction issues. In other words, the goal isn’t to air out how you feel in front of a bunch of strangers. Group therapy is an intricate part of building a support network.

The only real qualification is that a group has more than two people. On average, group therapy involves one or more counselors with several guests. The participants sit in a room, usually in a circle, so everyone has an equal opportunity for involvement.

Groups can be general, or they may be specialized. For example, we may offer a women-only group at Alina Lodge or one for guests with a specific type of addiction. You may be able to pick from groups that interest you or be assigned to one that seems like a good fit based on your individualized care plan.

What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

The benefits of a group therapy center are vast. Besides offering support, group therapy shows you that you are not alone in your fight against addiction. You have a chance to see that you face many of the same hurdles as others in the group. Some of them will likely have made it over those hurdles and be able to guide you.

Some other benefits of taking part in a group include:

  • Group therapy inspires hope — Group therapy programs inspire hope because you have a chance to share real-life experiences and hear from others about theirs. That feedback has the power to move you forward in your treatment.
  • Group therapy promotes socialization – It is a form of therapy that is also very social, which eases some of the sense of isolation people feel that they are working towards recovery. You have the opportunity to engage with others about your struggle and to help other guests on their journey through addiction treatment.
  • Group therapy improves communication – One of the most dangerous and debilitating aspects of addiction is that it isolates the individual sufferer from friends, family, and others who can help. This can lead to an inability to discuss feelings, fears, and goals with others. In the group therapy program at Alina Lodge, we understand that the first step in achieving long-term, genuine recovery is addressing your problems and being able to speak about them. It is also a skill that our guests will need once they have left our care.
  • Group therapy promotes self-awareness – Chances are you’ll learn about yourself in a group therapy program, too. By talking things out, you can better understand what your triggers are and how to manage your blind spots. Group therapy centers are a little like holding a mirror up and seeing your world through the eyes of others.
  • Group therapy helps build a strong support network – The individuals with whom you will interact in group therapy at Alina Lodge will, in many instances, continue to support you — and you them — after you have left our facility. Having a strong network of this kind is a key factor in sustaining recovery and avoiding relapse.

Learn More at Alina Lodge

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, reach out to Alina Lodge online today or give us a call at 800.575.6343. We are here to answer your questions and help you find that path to recovery.