5 Benefits of Long-Term Rehab

Drug and alcohol treatment and proper care for mental health disorders take time. It’s not possible to rush the healing process or to force the brain to overcome the challenges it’s faced with daily. That’s why long-term rehab programs are the right option for many people. During this time, you’ll focus on transforming your health and life. For many people, it can be invigorating. Is it right for you? Our team will work with you to decide if long-term rehab will be your most effective option.

Addiction and mental health disorders do not develop quickly. Most take a long time to form. As that is happening, changes to the brain are occurring. Relationships suffer damage. A person’s self-esteem falters. During treatment to overcome these challenges, it’s essential to manage all aspects of that damage – and that, too, takes time. In a long-term rehab, a number of key benefits can happen to help a person reverse this damage.

5 Benefits of Long-Term Rehab

Long-Term Rehab Lets the Body Heal

Drug and alcohol addiction causes damage to the body physically. This includes damage to organs, development of inflammation, and malnutrition. In a long-term setting, it’s possible to work to overcome these challenges in a safe place.

Rebuilding Your Mental Health Takes Time

There’s ample time to work on the underlying mental health disorder present in a long-term care setting. There’s also the opportunity to uncover the “why” of addiction in your life.

New Habits Take Time to Form

During drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you’ll learn new habits designed to help support your recovery. This includes stress management, communication, social skills, and much more. You’ll need this time to develop a routine that encourages healthy living.

You’ll Build Healthy Relationships

In a long-term care setting, you’re receiving a much higher level of support for yourself but also exploring how to build new relationships in group therapy. This includes learning to communicate better so that relationships can thrive.

Comprehensive Care Is Provided

In a drug and alcohol treatment center, you need to have an individualized treatment plan including both evidence-based and holistic therapies. That can happen when there’s ample time to work on each area of your needs.

Extended Care Can Enrich Your Future

When you step into an extended care treatment program, you are putting yourself first. You cannot be a good mother or father, friend, or employee unless (and until) you take care of your physical and mental health needs fully. In this type of setting, that becomes possible because of the wide range of opportunities available to you, including many therapy options.

Keep in mind that you’ll have an assessment when you enter this type of care, and a plan is created for you. You’ll engage in it fully to achieve the benefits it offers. You’re changing in therapy. You’re becoming the person you want to be, building the skills you need, and achieving goals. This is hard work that takes time.

At Alina Lodge, that also means having access to a wide range of therapies to help you, including:

  • Grief therapy program
  • Group therapy program
  • MBRP therapy program
  • Family therapy program
  • Cognitive-behavioral program

Discover More Benefits of Long-Term Rehab at Alina Lodge

It’s tough to think about stepping away from family and friends for long-term rehab. Yet when you consider all of the benefits and opportunities it may provide to you, it’s clear this could be one of the best decisions you make for yourself. At Alina Lodge, we offer the support and resources to help you to transform your life in this setting. Learn more when you reach out to us online or call 833.685.1700 for help.

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