5 Benefits of Short-Term Treatment

Most medical professionals and recovery experts agree that the longer you stay in an inpatient treatment program, the better you and your recovery efforts will be over time. This applies primarily to people who have a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, as well as those who could benefit from a dual diagnosis for any co-occurring disorders. However, for some of our students, short-term treatment through a 28-day rehab is the best approach for them and their goal of achieving sobriety, avoiding relapse, and living a healthier and happier life.

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Do Not Wait To Seek Help

The trope of hitting rock bottom and then seeking help is dangerous because the risk of overdose and death is heightened and because a severe, long-term addiction is more challenging to treat, more difficult to recover from, and will likely require intensive inpatient treatment. Conversely, getting short-term treatment in the early stages of a substance use disorder and drug dependency can have many benefits and make the detox, withdrawal symptoms, and 28-day rehab much less taxing for a student.

The 5 Benefits of Short-Term Treatment

During a short-term treatment, students will receive many of the same aspects of care that are associated with long-term inpatient treatment programs. While short-term treatment is likely to be less expensive than a longer alternative, here are five of the biggest benefits of short-term treatment:

1. Living On-Site At The Facility

Inpatient treatment sees students living on-site during their short-term treatment program. This eliminates environmental stressors and the pressure of keeping up with responsibilities at home. Being on-site in a safe space also provides safety from negative influences, environmental triggers, and other aspects of everyday life that may have been at the root of your addiction.

2. A Medical Detox

The starting point for most drug and alcohol addiction recovery success stories is medical detox, managed withdrawal, and 24-hour care from compassionate professionals. During your inpatient treatment at Alina Lodge, you will detox to remove every trace of the substances from your body and mind, thus beginning your road to recovery.

3. Group and Individual Therapy

While longer-term treatment programs offer the time needed to dig deep into your past trauma, co-occurring disorders, and other mental health challenges as they relate to your addiction, short-term treatment at Alina Lodge provides access to both group counseling and individual, one-on-one therapy. In therapy during short-term inpatient treatment, you will learn coping mechanisms, life skills, and how to reintegrate back into everyday life successfully, and how to avoid relapse.

4. Nutritious Meals and Exercise

Taking a holistic approach to healing your mind, body, and spirit, our short-term treatment for addiction offers nutritious meals and access to a range of exercise classes and fitness equipment. The goal is to improve the whole of you today and in the future. Some of what you may experience during your short-term treatment includes:

  • Sports activities
  • Group exercise classes
  • Yoga
  • Menu planning
  • Meditation

5. Aftercare Planning

Because these inpatient treatment programs are brief, students are advised to follow up with an outpatient or aftercare program for continued support. Our aftercare plan involves alumni programs and more to ensure your long-term sobriety and success as you head back into your home, office, school, and everyday life.

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