5 Reasons to Get Heroin Detox

The physical dependence on heroin is tough to break free from on your own. At Alina Lodge, we provide detox services to help individuals struggling with an addiction take their life back. If you try to withdraw at home alone without heroin addiction treatment, the withdrawal symptoms can be overwhelming. Most people decide to use heroin when going through withdrawal to stop the symptoms. How much heroin you are abusing, how long you have been using it, and your overall tolerance will impact your withdrawal. To stay safe during the first stage of your recovery process, it is important to seek help from a professional drug detox program for your heroin detox.

5 Reasons to Get Heroin Detox

Heroin is an illegal opiate that wreaks havoc on your life. Without treatment, your heroin addiction is only going to get worse. Whether you started on prescription opiates because of an injury, or you began your addiction with heroin, there are many reasons to get sober. If you are addicted to heroin and want to stop, heroin detox is your best option. You want to get the support you need to be safe and don’t relapse while you are at home.

Reasons to get heroin detox include:

1. You need a team that has years of heroin detox experience.

The Alina Lodge team has years of experience helping people just like you detox from heroin. They know exactly how to handle any situation that may arise during heroin detox.

2. The withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous, and supervision is necessary.

Our team has the necessary medications to make the heroin detox process as comfortable as possible.

3. You are at high risk of a relapse if you don’t go to detox and try it at home.

Heroin is one of the most challenging substances to quit. So, trying to quit “cold turkey” on your own is usually not successful and can lead to relapse.

4. Once in heroin detox, you are committed to recovery.

Taking the difficult step of entering heroin detox is a signal to yourself that you are finally ready to free yourself of heroin addiction.

5. You are in a supportive environment where you can discuss what is going on.

Removing heroin from your physical body is the first step of treatment. You will need to learn how to live without heroin and gain coping skills that help you break away from the emotional attachment you have to the drug. Relapse prevention strategies are vital to a person dealing with a heroin addiction, and treatment will teach you some basic relapse prevention techniques to get you started.

Relapse Prevention and Your Healing Process

Your sobriety will depend on your ability to learn new strategies to cope with stress instead of turning to drugs or alcohol. Even in the early stages of recovery, you will hear about the importance of relapse prevention techniques to stay sober. As a person addicted to substances, your coping skills may have been to turn to drugs to deal with tough situations. While working on your sobriety, you will learn new ways to build up your emotional strength and keep your stress under control.

Relapse prevention strategies can include:

  • Learning a new hobby to give yourself a creative outlet
  • Volunteering at an agency to give back to your community
  • Meditation, mindfulness, or yoga classes to learn about the mind and body connection
  • Exercising, eating a healthy diet, and getting good sleep to optimize your physical health

When you feel physically healthy, it becomes possible to have better control over your emotional health. Relapse prevention strategies can change over time. See what works, and don’t be afraid to try new things when you are feeling stressed.

Get the Heroin Detox You Deserve Now at Alina Lodge

Detox is the first step in the process of a healthy recovery. If you need a heroin detox and heroin addiction treatment, it’s time to call Alia Lodge at 833.685.1700. We can get you on the right path of sobriety so that you can start to live a healthier life. With the right foundation built in early recovery, your sobriety can be strong. When you are ready to take your life back from heroin addiction, it’s time to give us a call for help.

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