Benefits of 12-Step Therapy

A 12-step therapy program has helped many people overcome an alcohol use disorder. In fact, as far as therapy for alcoholism goes, the classic 12-step program has played a vital role in the history of American society. Even non-drinkers have likely heard of it and could name some of the benefits of 12-step therapy. While originally grounded in spirituality, the benefits today go far beyond asking for help from a “higher power.” Today’s 12-step therapy program is more inclusive, making it an option for anyone with any belief system. With proven success for more than eight decades, a 12-step program can help you get and stay sober.

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What Is 12-Step Therapy for Alcoholism?

Although 12-step addiction treatment is most commonly associated with Alcoholics Anonymous, the steps have been adapted over time to fit nearly any person’s need to get sober and belief or non-belief in any one higher power. Still, the core message and purpose of each of the steps remains the same for all programs using a 12 step model for therapy. There are many benefits of 12-step therapy whether you are battling:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Painkillers
  • Benzos

The guidelines of this therapy that has proven to help millions of people overcome their addiction to alcohol are straightforward, tried, and tested. The 12-step therapy program was so successful initially that other addiction recovery groups began borrowing the steps to meet their own therapy needs. Benefits of 12-step therapy are many, including encouraging you to look inward as well as outward, and are rooted in its principles, which are:


Successful therapy for alcoholism must begin with an honest and genuine admission that alcohol has held power over you, that you are addicted, and that you need help. At this step, your family and friends can encourage you to take the big and important first step toward recovery.


No matter what or who you believe in, you must first believe that it/she/he can truly help you during your 12-step therapy program. In this step, you will accept that there is some higher power and that that power can help you overcome your addiction and help heal your body, mind, and spirit.


You will recognize that you cannot recover alone and need help from your preferred higher power during your therapy for alcoholism.

Soul searching

In a 12-step plan, you must identify your problems and accept that your behaviors have caused harm to yourself and those around you, including your family, friends, kids, and co-workers.


This step is one of the most significant benefits of 12-step therapy. This is because it is right here when you will experience the greatest opportunity for personal growth as a sober person in recovery. You must admit your wrongs in front of a higher power and another person. You will be held accountable by this person and your God.


You now knowingly and voluntarily accept your character flaws precisely as they are and are willing to let them go as part of your therapy for alcoholism.


One of the benefits of 12-step therapy is the ability to finally embrace the pursuit of humility in the quest of staying sober. Achieving humility is vital on the path towards a healthier lifestyle.


You will compile a list of those you and your alcohol addiction have harmed. You will then proceed to work to make amends with each person.


Healing the relationships with those you and your alcoholism have hurt is not easy, but it is essential. To maximize the benefits of 12-step therapy, you must begin to repair the relationships with friends and family that were damaged while you were drinking.


Maintaining all the personal and spiritual progress you have experienced in your 12-step therapy will provide you with the foundation for a sober life going forward.

Discover Your Plan

You have been honest with yourself and your family. You have tried to make amends and found forgiveness, and you have maintained the progress you’ve made. Now, you will discover the plan that your own personal higher power has for you and the rest of your life. Seeing that plan to fruition is now your task as a sober person with healthier relationships and a new lease on life.


At the conclusion of our 12-step treatment, you will pay forward each of the principles learned. This way, the benefits of 12-step therapy will flow through you and extend to others in your life.

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