Benefits of a Sober Companion

When it’s time to start planning on returning to a normal way of life after completing an addiction treatment program, there are many important things to consider. This is especially true in terms of caring for yourself and safeguarding against relapse prevention. With a supportive team, the process can be made a lot easier, and one person who can be a part of this team is a sober companion. Sober companions are addiction specialists trained in supporting individuals in their recovery process to keep them on track and sober.

If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of a substance use disorder or relapse, there is no need to go through it alone. At Alina Lodge in Blairstown, NJ, we have a specialized team of experts who can help. Our non-judgmental, discreet services, including our sober living program, provide therapeutic and medical assistance for recovery and healing. Please send us a message online or call us at 833.685.1700 today.

A Sober Companion Can Help Prevent Relapse

Everyone has their own story and background, and the risk of addiction and relapse will be different for each person. Sober companions can provide a helping hand to those in difficult situations of having to return home to a non-supportive family or work in an environment that causes a lot of stress. They may even have previously recovered from addiction themselves. Post-treatment support from a sober companion can make a real difference.

A sober companion should:

  • Ensure that there is a safe environment to return to after graduation
  • Keep an eye on behaviors, conversations, and people engaged in the graduate’s life, providing guidance for those who may revert to old habits
  • Assist in re-connection between the graduate and their family, work with family therapists if needed

A sober companion is someone who is there to help and guide those who are recovering from addiction. Although it may feel awkward or embarrassing to have someone else involved in staying sober outside of a treatment center, the important thing to remember is that a sober companion is on the same team as the person they are there to support and not there to judge. Accountability can offer a deeper sense of one’s own ability to stay disciplined, and sober companions can give accountability to those recovering from addiction.

Sober Living at Alina Lodge

Upon finishing a treatment program, students at Alina Lodge can benefit from extensive alumni services and support. Graduates and their families can enjoy celebration events together, giving an extra boost to those working so hard every day to choose healthy habits.

Our long-term approach to support our students includes:

  • Alumni program, for graduates and their families to celebrate milestones, share stories, and receive support from others who have a common goal
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment for those who need support for mental health diagnoses co-occurring with addiction
  • Family and group therapy
  • Residential programs including Haley House for Sober Living, men’s programs, and women’s programs

Alina Lodge takes a holistic and individualized approach to help our students achieve their goals. This means that we treat each student and their families as unique individuals, planning treatment to suit each person’s needs and circumstances. Recovery takes more than a quick visit to a treatment center and checking off boxes. It takes understanding the individual, family, financial situation, and a lot of patience. Regardless of how short or long a recovery journey may be, every student who comes to Alina Lodge will have access to quality compassionate care.

Stay on the Right Track with a Sober Companion and Alina Lodge

Sobriety isn’t easily quantified, and it requires daily choices and habits that can be influenced by others and the things surrounding us. That’s why it is crucial to surround ourselves with those who can uplift and encourage and who will have everyone’s best interests and health at top priority. Alina Lodge is proud to offer just this kind of support, so don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 833.685.1700 today.

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