Common Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

While there are many stereotypes surrounding substance use disorders and those who struggle with cocaine addiction, many people misunderstand the reality of the symptoms, which can lead to difficulty in identifying that there’s even a problem. However, staying well-informed can help make it easier for us all to acknowledge when we need help for cocaine addiction and find a treatment plan.

Although cocaine addiction is often represented in media as making people hostile or scary, it does not paint the full picture. These representations may cause those who are dealing with substance abuse to feel more isolated and alone. If cocaine addiction is part of your life, don’t let stigma and judgemental attitudes stop you from reaching out for help. No one should have to go through the challenges of addiction alone. At Alina Lodge, we offer compassionate support in our cocaine addiction treatment program for the long-term recovery our students deserve. For more information, complete our secure online form or call us at 833.685.1700 today.

What Are Signs of Cocaine Abuse?

Using cocaine in any amount is risky, as it is a highly addictive substance. It may start as something fun to experiment with, but the effects of cocaine addiction can be challenging, impacting one’s personal, professional, family, and social life. Learning the cocaine addiction symptoms, however, can help you and your loved ones get the help needed to recover and enjoy a sober life.

There are a variety of cocaine addiction symptoms, including physical symptoms, behavioral changes, and more.

Common physical symptoms include:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Runny nose
  • Elevated body temperature and heart rate
  • Decreased appetite
  • Insomnia

Behavioral indicators may be:

  • Erratic behavior, paranoia, irritability
  • Overconfidence and risky behavior
  • Secrecy and deception
  • Poor hygiene
  • Loss of interest in usual pastimes and hobbies
  • Financial problems
  • Problems showing up to work

The cocaine addiction symptoms extend further than this list and can be both temporary or more permanent. However, the sooner these signs are taken seriously and addressed, the better chance for recovery and sobriety. Reaching out for help at Alina Lodge only takes a minute, and it can save more than just a life.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment at Alina Lodge

All of the programs and services offered at Alina Lodge are performed with utmost care and understanding, so our cocaine addiction treatment center in New Jersey is comprehensive and individualized.

At our center, students can expect:

  • A full evaluation by a team of addiction specialists
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Medically-assisted detox program
  • Residential treatment program
  • Group therapy
  • Nutritional support
  • Alumni program for graduates to maintain sober living

At Alina Lodge, we believe that every student’s journey is unique, and we are prepared to join you and your loved ones through the good times and the bad. Our long-term approach to cocaine addiction recovery ensures that our students don’t feel cut off and alone when returning to their regular lives. We aim to teach our students skills that they can use both inside and outside of the program and to expose students to new activities and hobbies they might enjoy doing instead of using cocaine. We also have regular activities and services for our alumni so that graduates can continue to receive support and care.

Begin Your Recovery from Cocaine Addiction at Alina Lodge

It can be difficult to take the first step of reaching out for help, but Alina Lodge’s highly skilled team is ready to treat you and your loved ones with kindness and warmth. Our programs and services are extensive, taking a holistic approach to treatment plans. Apart from cocaine addiction treatment, we also offer men’s and women’s rehab programs, dual-diagnosis treatment programs, and therapies for eating disorders, PTSD, bipolar, bereavement, and anger management. Whatever the circumstances, our team is committed to helping you and your family to heal and progress. Don’t wait another day to contact our team by completing our secure online form or calling us at 833.685.1700 today.

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