Dangers of Self-Medicating

During the past few years, there has been a lot of attention paid to mental health issues. This is crucial because it has largely allowed the stigmas surrounding mental health problems to fade into the rearview mirror.

If you are struggling with substance abuse and addiction, you may have thought about self-medicating. Even though you are an independent person and may not want to burden other people with your issues, self-medicating for drug abuse and alcohol abuse is a serious problem. There are several dangers that you are going to encounter if you decide to try to treat yourself.

Your Withdrawal Symptoms Could Be Life-Threatening

One of the most significant barriers that people need to overcome when trying to recover from substance abuse and addiction issues involves withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the substance from which you are suffering withdrawal, your symptoms may actually be life-threatening.

Even though it is true that some of the most common symptoms include fevers, chills, and shakes, there are some withdrawal symptoms that could actually lead to seizures. If these seizures are not controlled, they could end up being life-threatening. Therefore, it is always better for you to go through this withdrawal sit around with someone else. That way, you know that if you start to suffer from seizures or any other life-threatening symptoms, someone will be there to assist you.

Self-Medicating Can Lead to an Overdose

If you are trying to medicate yourself, you may end up taking medications without a prescription. Therefore, you might not even know what the right dose is. If you overdose on these medications, this could place you in a serious situation.

Some of the consequences of an overdose include:

  • You may develop severe nausea and vomiting.
  • You could develop an altered mental status.
  • You could develop seizures.
  • An overdose on some medications could cause you to stop breathing.
  • You may develop an addiction to another substance.

The reality is that trying to medicate yourself when you are recovering from drug abuse or alcohol abuse can be incredibly dangerous. You should only take these medications under the supervision of a trained medical professional. Therefore, avoid self-medicating when you are trying to recover from substance abuse.

Self-Medicating Might Be Illegal

Finally, if you are trying to meditate yourself, there is a chance that it could be illegal. For example, if you are trying to medicate yourself with recreational substances, you could place yourself in legal jeopardy. Or, you could be trying to medicate yourself using prescription medications that you got from someone else. If you take controlled substances without a prescription from a trained medical professional, this is also illegal.

Ultimately, you could be an independent person who is simply trying to find a way to help yourself out without burdening other people. Unfortunately, when it comes to addiction, this could be incredibly dangerous. Therefore, make sure that you rely on the help of trained professionals instead. That is where we come in.

Rely on the Help of Alina Lodge to Stop Self-Medicating

Avoid self-medicating for addiction treatment issues. If you have been self-medicating to treat drug abuse and alcohol abuse, it is crucial for you to stop doing this as quickly as possible. Instead, you should undergo treatment for these conditions with the help of medical experts.

At Alina Lodge, we provide you with access to some of the top professionals in the field. Allow us to help you develop a plan for recovery. We will work with you on an individual basis to figure out how best to meet your needs. Contact us today at 833.685.1700 to learn more about how we can help you with your recovery process.

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