Do I Need Long-Term Rehab?

Short-term care does have the potential to be effective for some people. Conversely, the benefits of extended treatment through long-term rehab, especially in the cases of severe or long-term addictions, are numerous. Long-term addiction treatment, like a 90-day program at Alina Lodge, offers better outcomes for a successful and lifelong recovery.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance use disorder, seek out extended treatment at Alina Lodge. Our trained professional staff are experts in long-term rehab. Reach out to our team online or call us at 833.685.1700 today.

Benefits of Extended Treatment

The truth is the longer the addiction treatment program lasts, the better the odds you will overcome your addiction, learn the skills and coping mechanisms needed to avoid relapse, and enjoy a lifetime of recovery. Some of the most significant benefits of extended treatment for drug and alcohol addiction include:

Instilling Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Long-term rehab at Alina Lodge encourages, fosters, and teaches students the importance of making and how to put in place healthy lifestyle changes. One of the most important benefits of extended treatment is the care we take in helping our students develop healthier habits in a safe, supportive, and structured environment. This will help ensure that the changes you make and the productive routines you start will stick for the long term and that you’re armed with the tools needed to experience lifelong recovery.

Eliminates Distractions

When trying to recover while at home or through other short-term solutions, there are serious risks posed by the distractions of everyday life, the presence of negative triggers, and reminders of past trauma. Long-term rehab, on the other hand, all but eliminates these negative forces conspiring to make your treatment more difficult. Instead, you will be able to focus solely on your recovery without outside distractions, temptations, or stress getting in the way of your treatment and therapy.

Fosters a Supportive Community

Having support from others who understand your specific struggles is critical during treatment and in recovery. People who have never been addicted can’t properly grasp what someone in recovery is experiencing, what they need, or how triggers like environments or individuals can impact their journey.

Often as well, these are well-meaning people who are simply unsure how to support you. This is why one of the benefits of extended treatment during long-term rehab is the camaraderie and commiseration among those in recovery, a group of people with whom you share life experiences of addiction. This commonality will create a bond that will benefit you during treatment but also for a lifetime of recovery.

Your peers will help you stay motivated and accountable in programs such as:

  • Group therapy
  • Workshops
  • Social events
  • Recreation

Long-term rehab promotes the development of these unique and essential relationships that form over an extended period of time.

The Best Way to Treat Addiction

Addiction is a long-term disease that involves complex changes in the brain’s chemical makeup. These changes occur over an extended period of time and go on to impact thought and behavior. Long-term rehab is the best way to successfully treat addiction because there should be nothing short-term about your treatment or your recovery.

Additionally, because addiction often has underlying causes, including a history of trauma or a co-occurring mental illness, one of the benefits of extended treatment is the ability, time, and space necessary to fully address these issues. Without treating co-occurring issues, you are at a greater risk of relapse.

It takes time to develop an addiction, and it also takes time to properly treat one. One of the most important benefits of long-term rehab is that it gives you the time you need to get to the bottom of the addiction and end your need for drugs or alcohol.

Choose Alina Lodge for Long-Term Rehab

If you are currently struggling with addiction, find out how long-term rehab at Alina Lodge can help you along the path toward recovery. Our team can help you determine if long-term rehab would be the right fit for you. Contact us by using our secure online form or calling us at 833.685.1700 today.

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