Getting Help for an Alcoholic Parent

Every family has its problems, but a family’s health and well-being are vital for all family members. If alcohol addiction has changed your family’s dynamic, help is available. At Alina Lodge in Blairstown, NJ, our alcohol rehab center provides comprehensive and comprehensive addiction treatment for you or a loved one. Treatment at Alina Lodge is especially crucial for an alcoholic parent, as families rely on parents most of all.

You Don’t Have To Go Through It Alone

As parents, we always want to do what is best for our children, and as children, we always want to please our parents. The truth is, however, we cannot always anticipate the challenges we’ll face as parents or the challenges that may come to our children.

If you’re a child of an alcoholic parent, it can take incredible strength to be able to be there for your parent when it may not feel like they’re there for you. It’s normal to feel isolated and scared if you’re in this situation. However, many compassionate and knowledgeable professionals can support your family to heal and recover.

At Alina Lodge, our multidisciplinary team is experienced and knowledgeable in creating customized treatment plans and therapies for our students. We design our treatment plans to be family-friendly and focused on rebuilding healthy relationships. Our alcohol addiction treatment program includes:

  • A medically-assisted detox program to ease withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP) therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Long-term care
  • Alumni program, to provide extended support after graduation and beyond
  • Dual diagnosis programs

How Do I Help My Parent?

If you feel afraid to broach the subject of alcohol addiction with your parent, it’s also likely that your parent has felt afraid to come to you and talk about it. Unless there is a concern that violence will occur, talking to one another should be considered a safe option for resolution and progress.

Although you may want to talk to your parent about their addiction, you may be afraid of a number of serious consequences, such as them making a scene and embarrassing you, threatening to move out or kick you out of the house, or any other way could lash out. Going into the conversation with a plan is key, and understanding when, where, and how to talk can help. Other tips for having this conversation include:

  • Have someone else whom you both trust present for the conversation. Outside support is important to provide both you and your parent support in understanding each other.
  • Don’t go into the conversation on a mission to convince them they have a problem. Focus on communicating that you are concerned that there may be a problem and why.
  • Choose a time when neither party is under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • Approach the conversation with kindness and curiosity, asking them questions about concrete behaviors you have seen.
  • Let it be a 2-way conversation, and listen.

If your parent responds negatively or tells you that now is not a good time, ask them when will be a good time for this conversation and schedule a date. Be flexible, but hold them to it.

Break the Cycle of Family and Addiction with Alina Lodge

Dealing with an alcoholic parent often makes us feel like that person has given up on us and we’re not important to them. Therefore, breaking the cycle requires us to choose not to give up, even if things are difficult in ways that feel overwhelming. No family should have to deal with a substance use disorder alone, and that’s why reaching out to Alina Lodge today can be your first step into a transformed future. Contact us today by either calling 833.685.1700 or completing our online form.

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