Healing From Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma can have an impact on a person’s entire life. It has been linked to cases of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Healing from childhood trauma is the only way to move past it, and for that, many students do well with a trauma therapy program. At Alina Lodge, we’re here to help if you’re ready to find a treatment program that assists with healing childhood trauma.

Healing Childhood Trauma

Healing childhood trauma may be the first step towards a healthier and happier adult life. Mental health treatment focuses on addressing underlying trauma because those triggers and feelings may impact every aspect of a person’s life, and not for the better.

Is There a Way to Recognize Childhood Trauma in Adults?

The interesting thing about childhood trauma is that it isn’t always obvious. Living in poverty or having less than others, dealing with bullying, being subjected to passive-aggressive relationships, and other situations may cause trauma without someone recognizing it.

For those who want to identify childhood trauma, start by looking at how you respond to memories. Does the past stay in the past? Does a memory cause anxiety or depression when it comes up?

Some signs of unresolved trauma include:

  • Panic attacks at the thought of past traumas or events
  • Anxiety about appearance-related to things that were said or done to the person in the past
  • Depression and difficulty relating to others
  • Emotional outbursts triggered by a response to stimuli similar to a childhood event

It’s important for anyone who is struggling with childhood trauma to have the opportunity to work through it with an experienced psychiatrist or counselor. This type of trauma has the potential to impact a person well into adulthood and potentially for the rest of their life if left untreated.

How Can You Begin Healing Childhood Trauma?

Healing childhood trauma in adults begins with identifying it. Some common traumatic events people may experience in childhood include:

  • Serious car crashes or accidents
  • Experiences at war
  • Sexual exploitation
  • School violence
  • Assault
  • Neglect
  • Life-threatening illnesses
  • The death of a loved one
  • Witnessing violence
  • Experiencing a major disaster

These are just some potentially traumatic events that children could go through. At the time, some of these events may not seem traumatic. For example, a child dealing with a bout of severe asthma may not know better than to take medications and rest, but as an adult, those traumatic fears of being unable to breathe could still have an influence on their health.

Similarly, a child who is bullied at school may learn to laugh off that behavior and then have extreme reactions to any disrespect as an adult.

To begin healing, it is a good idea to start going to a treatment program, such as the programs available at Alina Lodge. Treatment programs may use helpful options like cognitive-behavioral therapy, EMDR therapy, talk therapy, or group therapy to help people overcome past childhood traumas by recognizing them, addressing them, and moving forward with the right tools to cope.

Every person is different. Some may benefit from medication-assisted treatment while going through therapy so that they are better able to focus on their recovery. Others will go without medications.

Heal Childhood Trauma with Help from Alina Lodge

Dealing with childhood trauma in adults isn’t always easy. It is sometimes masked with dual diagnoses and substance use disorders that cover up the real cause of a person’s upset: their childhood. At Alina Lodge, our team is here to help with dual diagnosis treatment, mental health treatment, and other support, so you or your loved one can feel better soon. Call today at 833.685.1700 to learn more.

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