How Family Counseling Can Help in Recovery

Family counseling is a type of psychological therapy designed to help foster healthier communication between family members as well as to assist with the resolution of toxic conflicts that may exist within families. The issues you are experiencing with your family members could benefit from a family therapy program at Alina Lodge. Often, rebuilding relationships is challenging because of co-occurring mental health issues that can lead people to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol instead of a professional medical diagnosis.

If you want to strengthen the bonds within your family, contact Alina Lodge online or call 833.685.1700 today to learn how our family therapy program can help you.

What Is Family Counseling?

Facilitated by a psychologist, clinical social worker, or licensed therapist, family counseling at Alina Lodge is a long-term approach to healing, rebuilding relationships, and repairing the fractured lines of communication within your family. This may include all members of your family or only those willing and able to participate in the family counseling sessions. Our team will design your family’s personalized treatment plan to focus on the issues you are facing and work to treat any substance use that may play a role in the conflicts experienced between family members.

How Family Counseling Can Help Your Family

Family counseling has the potential to heal rifts within your family unit. It can also be a way to teach you and your family members several essential life skills while helping to improve a variety of issues, including:

  • Strengthening existing connections
  • Rebuilding relationships with your partner or children
  • Working through stressful events
  • Managing marital issues
  • Fostering an understanding environment
  • Reducing grief and anger

You may pursue a family therapy program in addition to other forms of treatment, especially if one or more members of your family are suffering from a mental illness or an addiction. In cases of addiction, family members have the ability to attend family counseling while the person battling the substance use disorder concurrently participates in detox, rehab, and additional treatments.

How Family Counseling Can Help in Recovery

Normally, multiple members of your family will be in the same room for family counseling sessions, but you may also wish to see a trained family therapist individually.

Sessions of family counseling typically last one hour. At Alina Lodge, we utilize a long-term approach to care and therapeutic outcomes. The exact number of sessions needed to accomplish your family’s specific goals will vary and will be based, in part, on the therapist’s professional recommendation.

During a family therapy program, you and your family should expect to be asked to:

  • Examine how the members of your family attempt to solve problems
  • Discuss how you each can express emotions in a healthier way
  • Learn how to express ideas and thoughts with each other in a productive manner
  • Explore the roles, rules, and behaviors of your family
  • Find constructive methods of working through issues
  • Identify the strengths of each family member

At Alina Lodge, our team believes that being able to rely on family is one of the greatest strengths that we can have. We have years of experience helping families rebuild and enhance their relationships with one another, and we can do the same for your family.

Restore Your Family’s Relationships at Alina Lodge

Family counseling may help you and your family members understand each other better and teach you to communicate in a more healthy way going forward. Learn how family counseling at Alina Lodge is your long-term answer to a happier family life. Contact us using our secure online form or call us confidentially at 833.685.1700 today and let the healing begin.


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