Most Commonly Prescribed Opioids

Opioids include prescription pain medications. Doctors often prescribe these medications when a person is struggling with significant pain after a surgery, accident, or disease. Yet, over time, opioids create addiction and dependence, making it difficult for a person to stop using them. The most commonly prescribed opioids can be used safely if the prescription is followed and used for a short period of time.

For those who may already be battling opioid addiction treatment, our team at Alina Lodge offers the support you need to overcome this addiction.

What Are the Most Commonly Prescribed Opioids?

Opioids are available to treat acute pain and are sometimes used to help with chronic pain as well. Whenever possible, doctors work to minimize how much is being used and typically prescribe these pain medications for the shortest duration possible. Some of the most commonly used include:

  • Hydrocodone (Vicodin)
  • Oxycodone (OxyContin and Percocet)
  • Fentanyl
  • Codeine
  • Oxymorphone (Opana)
  • Morphine (Kadian and Avinza)

Any of these prescription medications should be used carefully because of the high risk of causing addiction and dependence. Follow doctor’s orders when it comes to using these prescriptions.

Common Signs of Opioid Abuse

Could you have opioid addiction? It can happen quickly with prescription medications. Some of the most common signs of opioid abuse include:

  • Using more medication than is prescribed by your doctor
  • Running out of your medication before you can refill it
  • Turning to more than one doctor to provide a prescription for the medication
  • Taking medication that belongs to someone else
  • Feeling withdrawal symptoms and cravings for the medication when you are not using it or run out of it

If you find yourself thinking about your next dose of opioids too soon, that could be an indication that addiction is occurring. A person may need to use these medications for long periods of time. Yet, doing so at an increasing rate or struggling to find relief in the current dosage could indicate that dependence and addiction are forming.

If you notice these symptoms and signs of opioid abuse, take action. Don’t just stop taking the opioids. Rather, talk to your doctor about what you’re experiencing. The prescribing doctor can often offer alternatives to these drugs that can help to minimize your pain symptoms and reduce the risk of struggling with addiction threats.

Effective Opioid Addiction Treatment When You Need Help

If you feel you may be developing an addiction or do not want to face that threat, reach out to our team at Alina Lodge. We offer a wide range of treatment options that can help you to break your need to use these drugs at all. There are other solutions for pain management that carry less risk of addiction.

For those with an addiction and dependence, trying to stop using on your own is often unsafe and impossible. In our treatment center, we can provide you with the support you need to take back your health and life from these drugs. The key is to take action today to get the help you need. Some of the treatment programs we offer that may be helpful to you include:

  • Residential treatment program
  • Long-term treatment program
  • Men’s only treatment program
  • Women’s only treatment program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment program
  • Drug detox center

Invest in Yourself with Comprehensive Help at Alina Lodge

Do you recognize what you are using as one of the most commonly prescribed opioids? If you’re struggling to stop using these medications, our team wants to help you. No matter how much or why you use them, it’s possible to find alternatives for pain management that don’t put you at risk for addiction. Let us help you find the best solution. Call Alina Lodge at 833.685.1700 or reach out to us now for more information online.

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