Sober Activities for Memorial Day

If you are living in a sober living home or are in rehab aftercare, you may be starting to venture back out to do normal activities with friends and family. This can be a tough time for people when holidays strike, but you don’t have to be worried. You can have an exciting, sober holiday with skills, strategies, and techniques from Alina Lodge.

Sober Activities for Memorial Day Make a Difference

When you’re in recovery, at times, it may feel like you can’t participate in all of the activities other people can. That’s not true, though. It may take some additional planning, but you can enjoy a holiday just like anyone else.

Sober programs and sober activities make it easier to celebrate a holiday without the risk of being exposed to triggers or unwanted situations. Not sure what to do? The good news is that there are dozens of activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol.

Sober Living Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Participate

Although Memorial Day is one of the many holidays that is known to have alcohol at parties and events, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be there to participate and enjoy activities. If you aren’t comfortable being around drugs or alcohol, you can make your own plan and traditions to enjoy this Memorial Day. The following are excellent options for activities to participate in while in addiction recovery.

Go Boating

One option to consider is to go boating. Take one or two sober companions with you, and enjoy a day of fishing or swimming on a lake or the ocean.


Volunteering is another excellent option if you’re trying to stay sober and want to give back to your community. Talk to your sober living program or treatment center to see if it’s hosting a substance-free barbecue or another event that you can help with. You’ll be surrounded by people you can trust and that have the same goals, making it easier to stay sober.

Enjoy a Parade

Parades are a hallmark of Memorial Day weekend, so instead of going out at night, head to an early morning parade. There are usually more children and families at these events, so the likelihood of seeing people drinking or using drugs is much lower.

Host a Sober Cookout

If you want the most control over your day, why not host your own event? Tell those you invite that you’re having a sober cookout and will not allow drugs or alcohol. Ask them to bring their favorite non-alcoholic dishes and drinks so that everyone can try something new. Some great drink alternatives include slushies, soda, water, seltzer water, and punch.

Spend Time with Sober Roommates and Peers

You can spend time with sober roommates and peers for the best support during Memorial Day. If you know you have a risk of being triggered if you go to a bar or a barbecue where alcohol is present, bypass that and stay with people who are on the same path as you. Plan to watch a sporting event, go swimming or participate in a marathon together.

Enjoy a Sober Memorial Day with Alina Lodge’s Help

At Alina Lodge, we know that it can be difficult to transition back into normal life after completing rehab. We work with our clients to help them learn about sober living and sober activities they can enjoy, even when substances like alcohol or drugs may be available to them. Contact our team today at 833.685.1700 to learn more about how living in a sober living home or participating in an alumni program can help you or someone you love on the road to sobriety.

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