Sober Living

A sober living program — sometimes referred to as a “transitional living facility” or a “halfway house” — provides individuals with the time, safety, and support they need before returning to independent living at home. This type of program creates a bridge between residential rehab and “real life” in your home community. In sober living, you get stronger in using what you learned in rehab in everyday life scenarios. You find a job, pay rent, participate in household chores, and keep a daily routine. Haley House — the sober living facility at Alina Lodge — is an excellent example of just such a program.

What Is Sober Living?

For many people, a sober living program is a testing ground. They use these facilities to free themselves from worry over whether they possess the skills needed for a sober life. Through the practice of sobriety, they gain confidence and readiness to return home on their own.

Sober living is not like rehab. You live a free life under the house rules, such as having a job and paying your share of household expenses. But you also build healthy coping skills and habits you need for your home life.

What to Expect from a Sober Living Program

There are several aspects of life at Alina Lodge’s Haley House that make it an ideal place to transition back into everyday life. These include:

  • Independence — You will not feel restricted, as you may have felt in residential rehab. You will have the freedom to come and go and live your independent life. All you must do is follow house rules and stay sober.
  • Consistency — In a sober living home, you live a normal daily life and establish a routine. You do have some requirements you must meet, including curfews and group meetings, but these are good routines to establish for life after you have left our care as well.
  • Peer support — The positive, healthy, and sober friendships among the women at Haley House reinforce your ability to socialize in sobriety. Through these friendships, you build a support system you can lean on when you return home.

At Haley House, you can expect to find all three of these components of sober living and more.

The Benefits of a Sober Living Facility

There are many advantages to taking the time to transition back into everyday life in a sober living program like the one at Haley House. Among these are:

  • Being in sober living improves your chances of sticking to recovery. You learn how to live what you have learned in rehab, apply structure to your home life. This reduces your odds of relapse and strengthens your sobriety.
  • Sober living homes give you a chance to make amends with friends and family before going home. You find a job, locate housing, or just spend time adjusting to living on your own before you gain complete independence.
  • In sober living, you create relapse prevention plans based on your unique triggers and temptations. This gives you time to consider these fully, forming a plan to overcome them and even eliminate them from your life.

This list is, of course, far from exhaustive. Overall, however, a sober living facility like the one at Alina Lodge is designed to help you achieve your recovery goals and avoid relapse once you have left our care.

Learn More About Sober Living Options at Alina Lodge

After treatment at Alina Lodge, you have sober living options to complete your solid recovery before returning home. If you choose sober living, you supplement all you learned in treatment with real-life experience. You also maintain support from others in recovery while navigating daily living in early recovery.

Haley House is situated on the banks of the Paulinskill River on 10 beautiful, wooded acres. It features:

  • A women-only environment
  • A great room, kitchen, dining room, meditation room, and exercise room
  • Nine bedrooms
  • An apartment for step-down care, as applicable
  • Warm and inviting decor designed to make residents feel comfortable and relaxed

The experienced, compassionate staff at Haley House works with each resident, identifying their strengths and weaknesses to design treatment plans based on realistic goals. In this supportive environment, women develop the skills necessary to create a full and enriching, alcohol-free, and drug-free life. Reach out to us online or call us today at 833.685.1700 to learn more.

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