Sobriety and Your Mental Health

How do sobriety and mental health come together? What happens when you stop drinking alcohol or doing drugs? Some people worry that they may not be able to handle sober living because of the complex mental health challenges they face. There is no doubt that this can be very challenging, but there is help available to you. At Alina Lodge, we offer the mental health treatment you need to turn the page on these complications.

Understanding Sobriety and Mental Health

Many people who use alcohol do so to avoid the symptoms of mental health disorders that they may have. For example, some use drugs to slow down the negative thought processes that come from depression. Others use alcohol as a way to calm nerves from anxiety or to hide thoughts from previous trauma. If you are using drugs or alcohol right now as a way to deal with your underlying mental health condition, it’s time to look a bit deeper at the care options available to you. You do not have to live like this.

Mental health treatment for those with addiction is very effective. When your doctor and therapist can work together to create a plan of care for you that deals with both conditions simultaneously, you may be more likely to find success and improvement to your symptoms. These programs are called dual diagnosis. They allow you to work to get the mental health treatment you need along with the support necessary for sobriety.

At Alina Lodge, we offer a number of treatment options that can help you with sobriety and mental health, including:

  • Residential treatment programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment programs
  • Long-term treatment programs
  • Men’s rehab programs
  • Women’s rehab programs

What Happens to Mental Health During Sober Living?

Once you work through drug and alcohol addiction and start building your life of sobriety, the chances are good that you will explore new challenges with mental health. Sobriety and mental health can be complex. It’s important to remain in contact with your therapists and your support team to ensure you’re always focused on the best possible outcome. It is critical to manage your symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health disorders so you can remain sober living.

When you step back into your life after drug or alcohol treatment, things change. You experience stress again. You face people who may be a trigger for you. Work and school may become a big factor for you as well. All of these challenges may bring those mental health symptoms back into your life. By working with your therapist, you’ll be able to keep on the right path to wellbeing and health.

There are some symptoms of mental health treatment needs that you should not ignore. During your recovery, if you feel like this, seek out support:

  • Feeling depressed or sad all of the time
  • Feeling detached or unable to connect with people around you
  • Struggling with racing thoughts and uncontrollable worrying
  • Experiencing flashbacks or painful memories tied to trauma
  • Being unable to express yourself

When it comes to maintaining sobriety and mental health needs are in the way, the best step is to reach out for help. You want to be able to manage both of these needs effectively to ensure you do not walk the path towards relapse.

Work to Improve Your Mental Health – Call Alina Lodge Today

For those seeking sobriety and mental health support, our team at Alina Lodge can provide it. You can create a life that you are proud of, one that allows for sober living and mental health wellbeing. To get started on that path, seek out mental health treatment from our team of compassionate professionals. To learn more, call us at 833.685.1700 or connect with us now online.

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