Tips for Staying Sober After Rehab

In drug and alcohol treatment, you may find it rather easy to stay sober. You don’t have access to these substances. You also feel more confident because you’re surrounded by people who are supporting and guiding you. You’re also better at managing your stressors while living in a residential facility. Staying sober after rehab may seem like a big challenge. How will you handle life again? At Alina Lodge, we incorporate relapse prevention programs to help you take the first steps after rehab to your new life in recovery.

Rehab Aftercare – Planning for Getting Your Life Back

One of the foundations of remaining sober after rehab is having a plan to do so. During your treatment with us, you’ll work on this through our rehab aftercare programs. These are programs designed to prepare you for the challenges you face when you get back into daily life. That may include learning how to make better decisions and how to protect your sobriety.

In rehab aftercare, you will learn to stay sober through a series of addiction therapies. Some of what you may learn includes:

  • Controlling negative thought patterns
  • Managing negative emotions
  • Understanding your triggers and how to manage them
  • How to get help when you are feeling at risk
  • Overcoming the challenges limiting your success

There may be people that you cannot allow back into your life. You may need a bit of support from transitional living before you are ready to live on your own. We’re here to help you create that plan for success.

How You Can Work on Staying Sober After Rehab

Remaining sober after rehab is an ongoing challenge you’ll face. Our goal is to help ensure you are always working towards the best outcome. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Stay Healthy

One of the keys to staying sober after rehab is taking care of yourself. Eat, sleep, and get some exercise. Make sure you’re giving your body and your brain the nutrition it needs.

Attend Meetings

It’s always important to attend your recovery meetings. These may be in a local community program or with us. The key is to stay focused on therapy and recovery.

Know When to Say “No”

You’ll still face struggles down the road. You may need to tell people that you do not want them in your life. If your sobriety is at risk, that becomes a critical component of your health.

Recognize the Work You’ve Done

It’s also important to think about all of the hard work you’ve done in therapy to get to this point. From our detox program to dealing with trauma, you’ve worked hard to be here. You don’t want to lose that progress.

Surround Yourself with Support

Even when it feels like you do not have anyone who will support you, find that care. You can do that in many ways, including working with our team if and when you need to.

Know When You Need to Get More Help

Rehab aftercare care includes steps and strategies to help you know when to get more help. Remaining sober after rehab may mean that you need to step back into therapy for a few weeks or longer to get back on top of your addiction. We can help you to do that through numerous therapy programs, including:

  • Family therapy programs
  • MBRP therapy programs
  • Grief therapy programs
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Embrace a New Life with Help from Alina Lodge

You can stay sober after rehab. If you are just starting on the path to recovery or are wondering what rehab aftercare is like, reach out to our team to learn more. At Alina Lodge, we provide comprehensive therapy and support to help you overcome the challenges you’ll face as you get back into your life. To learn more, call 833.685.1700 or reach out to us online.

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