Understanding Codependency and Relationships

Codependency and relationships are often full of anger and frustration. Many people who have problems with addiction will struggle with codependency and relationships. It makes sense for the person who always likes to save people to try and help the person who is addicted to substances. This love and care are often met with anger, hostility, and poor boundaries.

The relationship between a person who wants to take care of someone and one who has addiction issues can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. At Alina Lodge, we are ready to provide care that can help you get your life back from addiction. Family therapy and addiction therapy may be part of your treatment protocol.

About Codependency and Relationships

If you are wondering about codependency and relationships, you are probably thinking about your own relationship. If your partner is abusing substances, you might feel responsible for their actions. Codependency does not help either one of you live a happy, healthy life. As the enabler, you are always focused on how you can help the person addicted to substances. The addicted person is always looking for validation and blaming you for their problems.

You will need to learn more about codependency and relationships if:

  • Your relationship is always strained, and one of you is addicted to substances.
  • You feel responsible for your loved one’s actions, even though this is not your job.
  • You make excuses for your loved one’s behavior, covering up their actions.
  • You uncover lying, cheating, or stealing, and your loved one denies it.

Codependency and relationships can be hard to work through. Each of you will need family therapy in order to learn boundaries and how to deal with each other. If you are married, family therapy is going to take some work. You might not be able to work out your differences if your codependency is severe. It’s hard to change behavior patterns, especially when both parties are not ready to make changes in their lives.

How Family Therapy Helps Codependent Relationships

You can change the dynamics of your relationship when you work in family therapy. If addiction is present, this might be part of an addiction treatment program. Family therapy can help you set boundaries and expectations for your marriage or partnership. As the enabler, you will learn how to stop taking responsibility for your partner’s actions and hold them accountable. In many cases, this causes additional stress on the relationship, making it difficult to stay together.

Family therapy can give you both the tools you need to learn how to communicate. Your current level of functioning as a couple is not working for both of you. If you are stressed and always feel like you have to fix your partner, it’s time to get the therapy you need. Codependency is complicated, and you have both been caught in a cycle of codependency for some time. Once you both start to heal, you are going to discover what your strengths and weaknesses are. For the addicted person, they will learn to take responsibility for their actions and move forward in their recovery. The enabler may be able to set boundaries and get the respect they need.

Find Addiction Therapy and Treatment Now at Alina Lodge

The Alina Lodge team provides family therapy and addiction therapy to help those dealing with codependency and relationships. If you have a loved one who needs addiction treatment, it’s time to contact us at 833.685.1700. You can learn about relationships and how your codependency can make the situation worse. When your loved one is ready to seek help, it’s time for an addiction treatment center that will start with detox treatment.

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