Legacy Giving

By providing an estate gift to Alina Lodge and the Little Hill Foundation, your confidence in our mission and vision resonates with those who will be directly impacted by your financial support and investment. Including Alina Lodge in your estate plans reinforces the position held by the Board of Trustees and our staff that this life-saving recovery program will, and must be sustained for the next generation of those who seek assistance from the Lodge.

Including Little Hill Foundation in an individual’s or family’s estate plans may go by more than one name in the legal community. Ask your estate planner about planned giving, which is also sometimes referred to as “deferred giving,” “estate giving,” or simply, “estate planning.”

Legacy Opportunities

Through the Alina Lodge Legacy Society, benefactors have an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in the following ways:

  • Bequest of cash: Little Hill Foundation is named the beneficiary of a specific dollar amount or a percentage of an estate.
  • Bequest of real estate, assets, and tangible property: Little Hill Foundation is named the beneficiary of assets, including real estate, securities, closely-held stock, or tangible personal property such as art, jewelry, and boats.
  • Residuary bequest: Little Hill Foundation is named the beneficiary of all or a percentage of the remainder of an estate after the payment of bequests and expenses.
  • Retirement plan: Little Hill Foundation is named the beneficiary of the remainder of an IRA, a qualified pension, or profit-sharing plan.
  • Planned gift of life insurance: Little Hill Foundation is named the beneficiary of a life insurance policy as ownership is transferred to Little Hill Foundation by the policyholder.

Gifts to Alina Lodge are redirected to:

  • Scholarships to support guests in their journey toward recovery
  • Campus maintenance and improvement
  • General operating support which funds programs and services benefiting guests

Contact the Little Hill Foundation’s philanthropy director at 800.575.6343 to get started!


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