Treatment for Opioid Withdrawal

opioid withdrawal

Opioid addiction is a chronic disease resulting in serious, long-term health problems. The use of opioids will, over time, bring about significant changes to the brain, financial issues, social distress, and relationship problems. This type of addiction is identified by an overwhelming urge to use opioids, some of which may have been initially prescribed to…

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Understand the Stages of Rehab

group sessions working through the stages of rehab

Taking the time to complete a rehab program can feel daunting, especially if you or your loved ones don’t know what to expect. Understanding the stages of rehab can help with visualizing a future free from addiction. These stages are generally known as the transtheoretical model. Everyone will have their own individual path to recovery,…

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Spotting Alcoholism in the Workplace

alcoholism in the workplace

Workplace stress and burnout are some of the most common reasons why many turn to alcohol to self-medicate. Alcohol is the most common addictive substance used in America, and the workplace is no exception. Drinks with colleagues during happy hour or drinking to feel better after a rough day at work are common among the…

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Stages of Cocaine Withdrawal

cocaine withdrawal

If you or a loved one has admitted to having a cocaine addiction, it’s time to get help. It may be difficult to imagine getting through the initial period of withdrawal, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Cocaine withdrawal does not necessarily always have bad physical symptoms, but it can come with some…

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Stages of Detox

man struggling with stages of detox

When you decide to give up drugs and alcohol, it can be a difficult decision. That’s why Alina Lodge in New Jersey offers comprehensive detox programs personalized to your needs. Once you have dedicated yourself to recovery, our admissions team can help you get a professional evaluation so that you receive the care you need…

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