What Is Dual Diagnosis?

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

About half of people living with a substance use disorder simultaneously struggle with another mental illness such as anxiety or depression. This is known as a dual diagnosis. Co-occurring mental health disorders can be driving factors behind addictive behavior, causing people to turn back to drugs or alcohol even after long periods of abstinence. Because…

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Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder

Despite a negative stigma, bipolar disorder is a widespread mental illness. In fact, over 5 million Americans are living with bipolar disorder. The signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder include intense periods of mania contrasted by depressive lows and, at times, simultaneous ups and downs that can be mentally debilitating without getting help for bipolar…

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How Grief Can Affect Addiction

grief and addiction

It is okay to grieve. After all, grief is the natural human response to experiencing pain and feeling the depth of sadness that often accompanies a loss. However, without adequate coping mechanisms in your toolbox, grief and addiction may come as an unwanted duo. There is no one timetable for how long your grief will…

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Depression During the Holidays

depression during the holidays

Seasonal depression is not a myth. It is a legitimate and common form of depression that can be triggered by a change in seasons, usually at the start of fall. Additionally, you may suffer depression during the holidays caused by reliving childhood trauma and interacting with toxic individuals or being back in a triggering environment.…

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Healing from Trauma and Addiction

trauma and addiction

Sadly, many people have suffered through traumatic events in their lives. Whether the trauma occurred over many years or was a single traumatic event, there is an all too common connection between trauma and addiction. The impact of trauma can cause severe psychological and physical reactions, and at times, the hurt is extreme enough to…

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Dangers of Oxycontin

danger of oxycontin

OxyContin is a powerful painkiller prescribed by doctors and administered by medical professionals to ease severe pain and elevate a patient’s mood. While there are legitimate medical reasons for using the drug, there is also a danger of addiction because the medication contains oxycodone, a semisynthetic opioid. If you are suffering from opioid abuse, reach…

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Tips for Healing from Emotional Trauma

healing emotional trauma

Emotional trauma is the end result of traumatic events, situations, and/or experiences that have left you feeling profoundly unsafe and, at times, completely helpless. This can be as a result of a single solitary event or from an ongoing series of negative experiences, such as abuse, bullying, humiliation, or discrimination. While some traumatic experiences may…

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Addiction Treatment Near Essex Fells

addiction treatment near essex fells

Making the decision to seek out addiction treatment near Essex Falls for your drug or alcohol use disorder is the pivotal first step in long-term recovery. Admitting that you have a problem and need help to solve it is also the most important step in this process. When looking for the best addiction treatment, New…

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Finding Long-Term Treatment Near North Caldwell

long-term treatment near north caldwell

Long-term treatment near North Caldwell through Alina Lodge offers an extended rehab program for students who need intensive levels of addiction treatment. You will be cared for at our long-term treatment center, provided with a strong alumni program, and have your family involved to help repair those critical relationships. If you are suffering from a…

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Rehab Center Near Tewksbury

rehab center near tewksbury

The first step in long-term recovery is making the difficult decision to seek out a rehab center near Tewksbury for your drug or alcohol use disorder. Acknowledging that you have a problem and admitting that you need help from an addiction treatment center to solve these problems is also the most crucial step in this…

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