Types of Process Addiction

man with hand on head struggling with process addiction

When most people hear the term “addiction,” they typically think of a drug or alcohol dependence. However, you can become addicted to activities, people, and behaviors as well. Alina Lodge in New Jersey treats addictions and mental health disorders in all forms to help you regain control of your life and engage in healthy behavior.…

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Get Help for a Binge Eating Disorder

woman sitting on a couch wrapped in a blanket needing binge eating disorder help

Feeling the compulsion to eat is a type of behavioral addiction. Many reasons can bring this on, but without treatment, it can be a problem for physical and mental health. At Alina Lodge, we offer a range of eating disorder treatment options to help this and other types of behavioral addiction. What Is a Binge…

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Types of Eating Disorders

woman looking at a scale, troubled by eating disorders

There are commonalities between eating disorders and substance abuse disorders, and both can occur simultaneously. For people with eating disorders, the reasons behind the disorder are often complicated. A loss of control is usually present, and the compulsion to control what you eat becomes an obsession. Most people with an eating disorder want to heal,…

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What Is a Process Addiction?

a group of people comforting each other while discussing what is a process addiction

Do you ever feel like you need to do something to change your life? Do you have a habit you would like to break, but that seems to be very hard to control? There are many examples of these sorts of habitual dependencies, which specialists often refer to as “process addictions” or as “behavioral addictions.”…

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