Benefits of a Sober Companion

two people finding success in recovery because they have a sober companion

When it’s time to start planning on returning to a normal way of life after completing an addiction treatment program, there are many important things to consider. This is especially true in terms of caring for yourself and safeguarding against relapse prevention. With a supportive team, the process can be made a lot easier, and…

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What Is Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention?

mindfulness-based relapse prevention

One of the most effective therapies used to overcome addiction or mental health disorders is mindfulness. Being aware of the present moment and one’s immediate surroundings is something that can get desensitized over years of trauma or grief, and engaging our senses in the present moment can bring us back to the tools that lay…

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Fun Sober Activities to Enjoy Over 4th of July

sober activities

It’s almost the 4th of July, and many people are looking forward to gatherings, travels, and recreational activities that may be possible this year for the first time since the pandemic started. It’s great to have something to look forward to; however, planning for the holiday can also be especially anxiety-inducing for those working hard…

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Sober Activities for Memorial Day

sober activities

If you are living in a sober living home or are in rehab aftercare, you may be starting to venture back out to do normal activities with friends and family. This can be a tough time for people when holidays strike, but you don’t have to be worried. You can have an exciting, sober holiday…

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5 Mental Health Benefits of Gardening

People experiencing the mental health benefits of gardening

Those who enjoy gardening have often said that being in nature and getting their hands in the dirt can improve the mood, making them happier. Research has confirmed this, suggesting that gardening can significantly improve an individual’s mental and physical health. Unfortunately, many people dismiss this practice as overly simplistic. Additionally, some people feel that…

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Stages of Detox

man struggling with stages of detox

When you decide to give up drugs and alcohol, it can be a difficult decision. That’s why Alina Lodge in New Jersey offers comprehensive detox programs personalized to your needs. Once you have dedicated yourself to recovery, our admissions team can help you get a professional evaluation so that you receive the care you need…

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Finding the Right Sober Living Facility

woman smiling because she found the right sober living facility online

Once a person has finished addiction treatment, many people struggle to remain sober due to a lack of drug-free housing. Many people begin using drugs or alcohol because their friends or family members were also using drugs. If they must go back to living with those friends or family members, they are at a much…

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Reflecting on Life After Rehab

woman reflecting on life after rehab

As you progress through addiction recovery, you may be wondering what life after rehab will be like. You’ll go back to your daily routine, but will you have the strength not to use? How will you deal with intense relationships and overwhelming stress again? As you think about these questions, remember that Alina Lodge is…

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Tips for Enjoying a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

celebrating a sober st. patrick's day

There is a lot to love about St. Patrick’s Day. It is often a day to get outdoors and have some fun, even if the winter cold is still present. It’s a day to spend laughing and enjoying all that is Irish. Yet, for those who are engaging in substance abuse as a tradition on…

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Benefits of an Alumni Program

peope attending an alumni program event

Men and women who leave treatment at Alina Lodge are some of the best assets the organization has. It is in the alumni program that the true benefits of therapy come through. After completing treatment, not only do people leave, create sustainable lives, and thrive, but they also come back to help others. That is…

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