Meditation and Recovery

meditation and recovery

Detox, rehab, and traditional one-on-one counseling may all become pivotal pieces of the puzzle that a professional treatment facility will construct to encourage your long-term recovery journey. But there are other ways you can supplement your care, including art therapy, nutritional education, yoga therapy, and mindfulness. Another way to foster sobriety, healthy living, and a…

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Healing Relationships After Rehab

healing relationships

When we think of the damage caused by substance use disorders, it’s easy to focus first and foremost on the physical damage done to the body and mental anguish suffered. The downstream effects of an addiction to drugs and alcohol take a toll on families and loved ones. Healing relationships through compassionate family therapy at…

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Setting Sober Goals for the New Year

sober goals

Making the difficult choice to work toward sobriety is a life-changing decision. It may also be life-saving. If you have struggled with a drug or alcohol use disorder, maintaining sobriety may appear at first to be a mountain too high to climb but setting sober goals and healthy new year’s resolutions can put your mind…

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Avoid Drinking on Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is a celebration shared with family and friends in the United States. On the last Thursday in November, and throughout its long holiday weekend, you may plan to enjoy good food, pleasant conversations, and watch football together. Unfortunately, drinking on Thanksgiving is part of the ritual of this holiday. For those in…

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The Connection Between Stress and Relapse

stress and relapse

Avoiding relapse is, of course, the goal of any recovery. Unfortunately, relapse is a real and important part of the overall recovery process for some students. If you have suffered from drug abuse and got clean, but worry about stress and relapse, reach out to Alina Lodge online today. Call us at 833.685.1700 to learn…

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Understanding the Importance of Accountability

importance of accountability

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) helps people see and then change their thought processes that have led to maladaptive behavior. CBT emphasizes the importance of accountability in healing yourself and your relationships that have been damaged by substance use disorders and other issues you have been facing in the past. If you are suffering from drug use…

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Tips to Enjoy a Sober Halloween

sober Halloween

Once pumpkins and skeletons start adorning front yards and windowpanes of houses, it’s the first sign that the holiday season is in full swing. Because alcohol and parties are common ways of celebrating, this time of year can be extremely challenging for people working toward, or currently in, recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction.…

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Navigating Your First Year of Sobriety

first year of sobriety

What you have done is immense! You recognized and admitted that you were struggling with alcohol use or drugs, and you got the help you needed in a treatment program. Now, you are prepared with life skills and coping mechanisms to go headlong into your first year of sobriety. As you look ahead to maintaining…

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Benefits of Transitional Housing

transitional housing

Transitioning from treatment for a substance use disorder to regular life as you once knew it can be a challenging and emotional path. During this delicate yet pivotal time, it can be difficult to always make the wisest and safest decisions. Transitional housing in a halfway home helps to bridge the gap between the residential…

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Benefits of Sober Living for Women

sober living for women

Transitional homes for women provide a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment that encourages sober living for women. The Haley House sober living facility is an option for individuals that have already found success with a professional substance use disorder or addiction treatment program. These spaces offer newly sober women supportive and structured living conditions to…

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