Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey for Women

Addiction specialists have known for decades that men and women have different needs when it comes to substance use problems. Individuals of different genders have different relationships with different substances, and their bodies handle rehabilitation and recovery differently. To address this issue, at Alina Lodge, we offer gender-specific treatment. The idea is that when the genders are separated, each gender is likely to benefit. At the women’s rehab program at Alina Lodge, women struggling with addiction issues will discover a place where they can process their experiences in the presence of women who have similar sobriety goals. This kind of support can be enormously beneficial at every stage of recovery and is a compelling reason to consider our program in addiction treatment for women.


The Advantages of a Women’s Rehab Center

In addition to the above, there are several specific benefits that our women’s rehab program in New Jersey has over more traditional mixed-gender programs. Among these are:

  • An atmosphere of honesty, openness, and support among students and between staff and students
  • A social support network that you will be able to count on even after you have left our facility
  • Treatment plans that are customized to suit your needs
  • An alumni program that will support you as you transition back into everyday life and rebuild

Our treatment program has a 28-day minimum stay but is entirely tailored to your needs and reflects your personal and medical history. Longer stays are possible, and at times necessary, but the same level of care and skilled, compassionate staff is provided. Some aspects of our 28-day program include:

  • The minimum length of stay is 28 days, although more extended stays are still available if clinically necessary
  • Smoking is now allowed in designated areas
  • Onsite, full-service detox will be reopening soon
  • Limited, supervised access to work is available when appropriate
  • We continue to accept some insurance
  • We now allow family and children contact within the first 28 days

Alina Lodge has many years of experience in the addiction treatment industry and is respected for its proven success. At our women’s rehab center in New Jersey, you will find what other substance use treatment programs lack: woman-centered, supportive, compassionate care. If you or someone close to you would benefit from this type of care, especially if you have tried other kinds of care and have relapsed, consider reaching out to Alina Lodge today.


Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey for Men

When it comes to addiction treatment programs, women and men can have very different experiences. As a result, individuals struggling with substance use disorder often require treatment approaches that take gender differences into account. At Alina Lodge, we have found that gender-specific treatment can be an extremely effective way to ensure that men and women get the help they require. In the men’s rehab program in our New Jersey facility, the addiction specialists at Alina Lodge address the unique needs of men battling substance use issues to ensure that they get the tools they need to achieve long-term sobriety.


Our men’s rehab program is tailored to each student. A minimum stay of 28-days is required, and this could be extended if the student’s treatment plan requires it. Whether your stay is 28 days, or longer, the same quality of care and access to caring professional staff is provided. Some of the aspects of our men’s rehab program include:

  • The minimum length of stay is 28 days, although longer stays are still available if clinically necessary
  • Smoking is now allowed in designated areas
  • Onsite, full-service detox will be reopening soon
  • Limited, supervised access to work is available when appropriate
  • We continue to accept some insurance
  • We now allow family and children contact within the first 28 days

Alina Lodge has years of experience treating a wide variety of substance use disorders and has become recognized in the addiction treatment and recovery industry. Get started on your road to recovery by calling us at 908.224.9099 or contacting us online.


Long-Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey

At Alina Lodge, we have founded our practice on the idea that it takes time to:

  • Heal the changes that addiction has made to brain chemistry and the nervous system
  • Develop new mental habits and establish new routines
  • Practice new life skills
  • Heal family relationships
  • Understand and implement the 12-step programs and principles

Our abstinence-based treatment model is dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of services. As soon as a client is admitted, we refer to them as a “student” as they will be learning how to live a new and sober life. We know that time is often the critical factor for successful rehabilitation, and the length of stay is based upon individual progress in treatment. Our highly structured, long-term treatment model was developed to treat the chronic relapser.

At Alina Lodge, we also address additional individual needs for long-term addiction treatment. We develop individualized treatment plans encompassing dual-diagnosis analysis, which is explicitly aimed at individuals who are struggling with mental health issues in addition to their addiction. Common mental health issues accompanying addiction include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD

By choosing long-term treatment, you spend time away from substance use. This period often has a way of separating out what is a psychiatric issue and what is a behavioral concern. Each individual will have a dedicated counselor for one-on-one therapy and be evaluated for specific group therapies.


Features of Our 28-Day Rehab Program

Our residential treatment program offers the same quality of care and access to caring professional staff. Some of the many advantages include:

  • The minimum length of stay is 28 days, although longer stays are still available
  • Smoking is now allowed in designated areas
  • Onsite, full-service detox will be reopening soon
  • Limited, supervised access to work is available when appropriate
  • We continue to accept some insurance
  • We now allow family and children contact within the first 28 days

Combine 28 Days with Proven Results

In the summer of 2020, Alina Lodge commissioned the OMNI Institute–an independent social science consultancy–to evaluate our program’s student experience. The results, published in December of 2020, were overwhelmingly positive and included data points like:

  • 95% of all participants were confident they would stay sober for the next three months
  • 84% of study participants felt “very prepared” to handle cravings for alcohol and drugs after graduating from the program at Alina Lodge
  • 90% of those students that started the treatment program completed it
  • 88% of participants followed all treatment recommendations, and 87% followed all aftercare recommendations
  • 89% of participants reported no substance use in the past month
  • 76% of participants reported no substance use since leaving treatment at Alina Lodge



In Alina Lodge’s residential treatment program, students reside on our campus for anywhere from 28 days to two years. This journey typically begins with medically supervised detoxification and involves a broad range of addiction treatment therapies, including individual therapeutic approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as group therapy, and family therapy. A 28-day minimum stay yields proven and effective results, but your specific situation might require a longer duration of treatment–every student is different and has particular needs and challenges.

Our residential treatment program also allows contact with family and children within the first 28 days, permits smoking in designated areas, and allows limited, supervised access to work when appropriate. We also accept some insurance providers and are dedicated to helping you achieve the life of recovery you deserve.

From individual therapy sessions to group therapy, family therapy, and specialty approaches like grief therapy and mindfulness-based relapse prevention, we carefully tailor each treatment plan to the individual student’s unique needs. A chronic relapse treatment program can help individuals who have struggled to maintain their sobriety in the past.



When it comes to addiction, men and women respond to treatment differently. For this reason, many individuals benefit from treatment in an environment that is isolated from the opposite sex. In both our men’s rehab center and our women’s rehab center, we provide our students with gender-specific treatment modalities aimed at addressing the common circumstances and experiences of men and women struggling with substance abuse issues.


Building a support network you can rely on after graduating from our program is one of the most effective ways to avoid relapse and give back to our community. In the Alina Lodge alumni program, we regularly hold luncheons and other types of events, including our annual picnic. We also make a point of giving our graduates opportunities to share their stories with current students who are not as far along in their recovery journey.


Alina Lodge’s sober living home gives women the chance to take their lives back from the isolation and spiritual and material insecurity that always accompanies addiction. At Haley House, our addiction specialists focus on finding ways for each student to transition back into their everyday life while building a robust social support network.


For many of our students, detox–the process of removing the toxic substances to which an individual is addicted from the body under medical supervision–is the first step on the road to recovery. Alina Lodge works with a range of trusted partners who provide this detox service so that our students can begin the recovery process can focus less on their physical cravings and more on their psychological and social rehabilitation.


Addiction Treatment Therapies at Alina Lodge

Among the many addiction treatment therapies on offer at Alina Lodge, you will find:


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most popular types of addiction treatment therapies. The specific goals of this type of treatment are different for every student. The foundation of this practice, however, is that by examining your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, as well as your responses to problems, you can better develop useful methods of solving problems and meeting your personal goals.


Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a more recently developed type of individual treatment. Like CBT, DBT involves talking through the issues that are getting in the way of your recovery. What sets DBT apart is its focus on making lasting behavioral change by bringing together seemingly contradictory ideas. DBT is also a useful tool to treat substance use disorders as well as other psychological issues that often underpin addiction like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.


The addiction treatment therapies above are useful in that they allow patients to work with a therapist one-on-one. However, any graduate of a 12-step program will tell you that when it comes to addiction, individual therapy works best in conjunction with group therapy. Group therapy allows patients to work through their problems and issues with the input of peers who have had similar experiences and have similar recovery goals. It also forces you to work on your communication skills and build a strong support network, which is crucial to long-term healing.


One of the most insidious problems with addiction is that it is isolating. It can strain relationships with the people who care about you most to the breaking point. This is why, throughout our long-term treatment, we have options that include the participation of families in our family therapy program. Our team will help students to explore the root causes of their substance use problem. Therefore, we can help build healthy family dynamics and create a family support system. This system will be there for you after you have left our care.


Mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP) therapy involves a range of different therapeutic practices, all of which have the same goal: to develop mental awareness so that our students are more aware of the negative mental habits that are so often associated with relapse. In this sense, mindfulness-based relapse prevention therapy is a direct preparation for life after treatment.


Grief and substance use problems often go hand-in-hand. Sadly, they often feed each other in a cycle of addiction that involves self-medicating to handle grief. Unfortunately, this choice only causes more pain, demanding more extensive use of the substance. At Alina Lodge, we offer a range of therapeutic approaches to help those who have suffered loss or who are otherwise dealing with emotional difficulty to address their grief so that they can move past it.

Alcohol and Drug Detox

a woman thinking about detox programs optionsOur first step is to consult our comprehensive network of detoxification units so that we can recommend the detox center that best suits your needs. Once the detoxification process is complete, your 28-day rehab program can begin. For those whose clinical needs meet our requirements, long-term addiction treatment in New Jersey is also available.

During detox, comfort and compassion are crucial. Our trusted detox partners are dedicated to making sure our students are safe and that their needs — emotional, physical, and psychological — are tended to by an expert, compassionate team of medical professionals and support staff.

Getting Started

Alina Lodge is here to give you the tools you need to achieve lasting sobriety. But you must take the first step and reach out to us online or by calling 908.224.9099. Once you have committed to recovery, our admissions team will be with you every step of the way.



What Is Detox?

Detox is the process of allowing the body to rid itself of alcohol or other drugs while managing the symptoms of withdrawal in a medically supervised setting. The length of detox is determined by the amount of substance being used and the period of time a person has been using that substance. It is assessed on a case to case basis. Other factors include a person’s age and health.


About Alina Lodge’s Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

At Alina Lodge, we know that there are as many approaches to treating addiction as there are people struggling with the disease. This is why we customize every treatment to the student’s individual needs. Among the programs we offer at Alina Lodge are:

  • Drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs
  • Residential treatment programs, with the length of care ranging from 28 days to 9-months
  • Men’s and women’s addiction treatment programs
  • Referrals to trusted Detox Centers we work hand-in-hand with
  • Comprehensive aftercare, including our alumni program
  • Haley House Sober Living Home for Women

Finding Help Today

When you are battling a substance use disorder, reaching out for help is the first step in your recovery journey. Addiction doesn’t happen overnight, nor does recovery. Your brain and body need time to fully heal from addiction, which is why you must reach out to a residential treatment center that will give you the time you need to regain control of your life. Reach out to Alina Lodge today at 908.224.9099 to find out more about our programs and your treatment options.