Detox Programs in Blairstown, NJ

Detox programs in Blairstown are the wisest first step in a long-term journey of overcoming a substance use disorder. Because alcohol and drug use severely alters brain chemistry and makes it difficult to function normally without continually using the substance(s), the benefits of entering into a detox center are many, including most notably, removing all traces of the addictive drugs from your body. In a New Jersey detox center, you will be weaned off all the drugs you are using in preparation for your journey towards sobriety.

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What Is A Drug Detox?

There are many substances capable of altering a student’s brain and impacting the way they feel on a daily basis. These drugs are often addictive and dangerous, even more so when used in excess. This is because, over time, they become the only way a person can feel ‘normal.’ Stopping the use of these substances, however, can cause a student to experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Some of the drugs that have been known to cause a withdrawal include:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Benzos
  • Heroin
  • Opioids
  • Meth

Professional detox programs in Blairstown, like the one at Alina Lodge, are designed to safely and effectively assist you or a loved one in overcoming addiction. You will receive dedicated medical assistance and 24-hour care during your New Jersey detox, no matter how long it lasts. This will allow you to safely cope with the side effects and overcome any and all detox withdrawal symptoms.

What To Expect During a New Jersey Detox

It’s vital to understand what to expect during detox programs in Blairstown. At Alina Lodge, you will stay in a gender-specific detox facility and be continuously monitored for withdrawal symptoms. Medical professionals will be available around the clock to help manage these symptoms, some of which may be dangerous if not treated and cared for by skilled staff. Throughout the New Jersey detox, mental health care is also part of the dual diagnosis method aimed at total recovery, emotional and physical wellbeing, and long-term success.

What Are The Benefits of Detox?

Breaking the hold drugs have on you is the primary goal of a New Jersey detox, but there are countless other benefits of detox programs in Blairstown. Here are four ways detox will improve your quality of life on the road toward long-term recovery.

1. Physical Recovery

A detox will be a physically challenging time in your life, and getting totally clean can be potentially life-threatening. This is why detox programs in Blairstown are essential because, at first, your body will crave more of the drugs, and 24/7 supervision during a New Jersey detox will be critical. The detox process should be conducted in a proper medical environment like Alina Lodge to keep you safe. Once all of the drugs have been removed from your system, your physical body will begin to recover and heal. Long-term drug use causes people to suffer physical consequences while in the throes of their addiction. As your body heals, your physical condition will improve.

2. A Boost of Self-Esteem

Using drugs and alcohol to cope with and mask any underlying problems you couldn’t face on a daily basis likely caused you not to like the person you were or had become. Through detox programs in Blairstown, you will get sober, and with that comes the self-esteem you’ve been missing. The positive, forward momentum of gaining that confidence that comes from a New Jersey detox and long-term recovery can propel you toward success.

3. Improved Mental Health

People who are dependent on substances are often suffering co-occurring mental health disorders. One of the benefits of New Jersey detox is the ability to face your mental health problems in a safe, supportive environment. Individuals will also have the opportunity to address the emotional trauma that may be at the root of their drug use disorder. Through long-term therapy, a student at Alina Lodge will learn to let go of their trauma and move forward to live a happier life.

4. Healthy Relationships

Drug and alcohol use disorders not only take a massive toll on your mind, body, and spirit, but they can damage your relationships. You may have hurt those you love and affected everyone in your circle–friends, family, co-workers, and peers. A New Jersey detox helps heal these important people, too, as you rebuild relationships, set boundaries, make amends, and have healthy relationships again.

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