How Cocaine Can Affect Your Health

If you are suffering from addiction, you are not alone. There are numerous addictive substances that people might be using. One example is cocaine. It is important to think about cocaine and health because cocaine addiction can do severe harm to your physical health. Even though it is true that addiction is one of the main issues when it comes to cocaine, there are other health problems as well. However, help is available. A cocaine rehab center like Alina Lodge offers the treatment for the physical and psychological effects of cocaine addiction, so each individual can focus on the path to recovery.

Cocaine Can Damage Your Heart

If you are suffering from cocaine addiction, there is a possibility that this can lead to severe damage to your heart. If you use cocaine regularly, there is a chance that you may suffer a heart attack. Cocaine can impact the way the heart beats. Then, cocaine use could restrict blood flow to the heart muscle itself. As a result, you may experience chest pain when you use cocaine.

Also, cocaine can also cause your blood pressure to spike. When your blood pressure begins to rise, this could lead to damage to your heart, lungs, and brain. Furthermore, you may not even realize that your blood pressure is high. Long-term high blood pressure can lead to severe cardiovascular issues that could cause medical emergencies down the road. If you are suffering from cocaine addiction, you may want to consider using a dual diagnosis program at Alina Lodge that can help you with co-occurring mental health conditions or other substance abuse disorders.

Cocaine Can Lead to Seizures

Another crucial issue to address regarding cocaine and health is that cocaine can lead to seizures. The reason why you feel high when you use cocaine is that this is impacting the neurons in your brain. Cocaine addiction will continue to damaged neurons in the brain, eventually leading to the development of seizures. Seizures take place when the neurons in the brain start to fire uncontrollably. Even though many people start to shake all four extremities when they suffer from a seizure, this is not always the case.

Seizures come in many shapes and forms, including:

  • Partial seizures – only impact one part of the body
  • Tonic-clonic seizures – impact all four limbs
  • Absence seizures – causes people to simply stare off into the distance
  • Focal seizures – start in one area of the body and progressed somewhere else

Because cocaine impacts the central nervous system, you may develop seizures. This is another reason why dual diagnosis programs are helpful.

Cocaine Can Lead to Severe Mental Health Disorders

Finally, substance abuse itself can lead to a wide variety of other mental health issues. For example, people with a cocaine addiction may suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or a variety of other mental health conditions. This is also where a dual diagnosis program can be helpful.

It is essential for anyone suffering from cocaine addiction to understand that there are treatment professionals who are able to provide assistance with not only substance abuse but other mental health disorders as well. The only way to truly deal with cocaine addiction is to focus on comprehensive treatment plans. That is where we can help you.

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