Maintaining Sobriety After Rehab

When you enter addiction recovery in a treatment center, you start to feel a bit more in control over your future and health. In therapy, it seems like you can do this because you have the help and support you need. But, what happens with sober living once you leave treatment? Sobriety after rehab requires consistent focus and care. At Alina Lodge, we can offer the support you need throughout this process.

What Makes Sobriety After Rehab So Challenging?

In addiction recovery, you’ll embrace many of the challenges you will face in sober living. You will spend time working on yourself and your overall health. Yet, once you leave our residential treatment program, you may start to worry about how you will maintain sober living in the “real” world. There are challenges you will face in sobriety after rehab. Many of them are stepping stones, and once you learn how to manage and overcome them, you will then move beyond them.

When you are back in your life, facing the challenges you’ve experienced prior to rehab, it becomes challenging.

Some of the roadblocks people face after rehab include:

  • You cannot use drugs any longer to deal with the symptoms you have.
  • Addiction recovery means having to face the people that may have led you to use.
  • You have to fix or leave relationships that are too hard to manage.
  • Explaining what you’ve done, where you’ve been, or why you needed help can be hard.
  • Everything takes time to heal, but you want to see a better life now.

No matter what you are facing that is challenging your sobriety after rehab, you should have the tools and resources to help you. That’s because, during your addiction recovery and treatment, you were given tools and strategies to use to help you through these more challenging days. It does get better, and sober living gets easier. Until you reach that point, you’ll need a bit of support.

What Can You Do to Maintain Sobriety After Rehab?

As noted, you will have tools and therapeutic strategies that can help you in those hard moments. Yet, you should also realize that you are still healing, and you still need support from time to time. When you have an experience where you feel intense stress or fear relapsing, that’s when you need to reach out to a mentor for help. Get into a recovery meeting right away. Another option is to call your therapist to learn more about how we can help you.

Maintaining your sobriety is also possible when you work to reduce triggers, or experiences and people who consistently put you at risk of thinking about using. You’ll want to work on your health, fitness, and nutrition as well. All of this will help to support your healing.

Finding the Right Step Towards Sober Living

Addiction recovery is a challenge right now, but it will improve. To maintain your sobriety after rehab, be sure you have a strong support team in place. That may start with your therapists and counselors in our program at Alina Lodge. If you are thinking about healing and recovery, we encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about the programs we can offer to you, including:

  • Men’s drug rehab
  • Women’s drug rehab
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Detox center programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment programs

Explore the Care Available to You at Alina Lodge Today

Sober living is a complex process, but it does not have to be something you attempt on your own. Our team at Alina Lodge can support you through sobriety after rehab with ongoing care and sessions. Put your trust in your future, and seek addiction recovery with our compassionate counselors. Call us at 833.685.1700 or reach out to us online today.

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