Benefits of a 12-Step Program

At Alina Lodge, our alcohol addiction treatment programs feature elements of a traditional 12-step program. There are many benefits to taking this approach to alcohol addiction treatment. Learn more about what a 12-step recovery program is and how it can help you in your personal journey during alcohol detox and recovery at Alina Lodge in New Jersey.

What Is a 12-Step Program?

Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as AA, was the first organization to adopt and publish a 12-step program to treat alcohol addiction. People started using the Alcoholics Anonymous program to get sober, and others took notice. Then, the 12-step program started popping up in other treatment settings. For example, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, and Overeaters Anonymous are all based on the successful implementation of the 12 steps, which highlight trusting a higher power for strength and inspiration.

What Are the 12 Steps?

Actually, the 12 steps vary from program to program. However, they all revolve around common concepts such as:

  • Admitting your addiction
  • Trusting a higher power for guidance and support
  • Taking inventory of people you have wronged and making amends
  • Healing your pain and the pain of others
  • Remembering that the journey to recovery continues long after your last drink
  • Helping others to “pay it forward”

The idea of peers helping peers is a guiding principle of 12-step recovery programs. You can seek sponsors when you first begin to help you move through the steps. Many people later become sponsors themselves and guide newcomers through the 12 steps. AA, NA, and similar programs focus on both forgiveness and accountability.

Psychologists, medical doctors, and other experts play a vital role in your addiction treatment program at Alina Lodge. However, a group therapy program based on the 12 steps gives you a place to feel the support of others in recovery.

12-Step Programs and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

While in recovery at Alina Lodge, you will witness the benefits of 12-step programs in group meetings, sober living facilities, and aftercare programs. Anywhere where you see people helping people survive alcohol and drug use disorders, you’re witnessing these steps in action.

Some of the alcohol addiction treatment services at Alina Lodge include:

  • Alcohol detox treatment – Our detox facility is the perfect setting for serenity as you allow your body to detox from alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Alcohol addiction treatment center – We offer residential treatment in a luxurious setting at Alina Lodge. Tranquil residential accommodations are located near clinical facilities for treatment. You receive individual and group therapy to help you learn to deal with negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Sober living homes – In a sober living home, you live with others recovering from drug and alcohol use disorders. Sober living provides a structured environment as you work to put your life together after rehab.
  • Aftercare programs – Our aftercare program connects clients with resources in the community that provide additional care and support. Support groups, 12-step meetings, and therapists can help you make the transition to independent living.
    Alina Lodge also has a family program to help your loved ones learn how to support your recovery and avoid triggers that jeopardize your sobriety.

Create Action Plans for Difficult Times

12-step programs provide guidelines for dealing with hard times. The action plans are designed to teach you to deal more effectively with your emotions, handling stressful situations, and staying sober. Action plans are the cornerstone for maintaining recovery long after you leave the doors at Alina Lodge.

Learn to Use the 12 Steps DuringAlcohol Addiction Treatment

If you are struggling with alcohol use disorder, come to Alina Lodge in New Jersey. Let our compassionate team and the serenity of our center give you the strength you need to get your life back from alcohol addiction. Contact us by calling 833.685.1700 or completing our confidential online form to get your alcohol addiction treatment started today.

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