Fun Sober Activities to Enjoy Over 4th of July

It’s almost the 4th of July, and many people are looking forward to gatherings, travels, and recreational activities that may be possible this year for the first time since the pandemic started. It’s great to have something to look forward to; however, planning for the holiday can also be especially anxiety-inducing for those working hard to maintain sobriety.

It’s normal to be worried, especially if this is the first summer you’re going through after recovery. However, anxiety and fear fade away as we learn more about our situation. That’s why it’s important to reach out for help and learn about sober activities, so you can still enjoy this holiday.

At Alina Lodge, our warm and friendly team is ready to support you in maintaining sobriety this summer. Our long-term treatment programs, including our alumni program, can provide much-needed extended care throughout your recovery journey. If you or a loved one is needing support in staying on track or you are interested in learning more about sober activities, please reach out to us today, online, or call 833.685.1700.

Working to Prevent Relapse

Everyone who regains sobriety after completing a treatment plan for a substance use disorder will be somewhat vulnerable to relapse, even if everything is looking great from the outside. Whether it is summer or any other time of year, it is possible to maintain recovery, especially if you know some strategies to keep you on the right track. Some of the ways of staying sober include:

  • Have a strong social support system
  • Keep your friends and family who you can trust updated on your progress
  • Remain aware of your personal triggers
  • Communicate these triggers to those close to you
  • Avoid the old habits and routines
  • Stay focused on the tools you have learned

If there is a dual diagnosis of a substance use disorder along with a mental health diagnosis, make sure to continue treatment for any disorder or condition that may be making it more challenging to stay sober.

Enjoying a Sober Summer

It may be difficult to avoid social situations during the summer that involve drinking. The isolation that many people have been feeling due to the pandemic also feeds into substance use becoming a habit. The 4th of July is just one of the summer days which can feel particularly hard to get through when dealing with chronic addiction. Barbecues with beer, family gatherings, and fireworks are activities that many find exciting and enjoyable, but it can feel like a minefield for someone who’s working to stay sober.

However, there are sober activities so that you can still enjoy Independence Day. Some of the ways of staying sober include:

  • Cook a side dish or bake dessert for a party
  • Take time to see a new place, such as a state or national park
  • Host an alcohol-free party of your own
  • Enjoy a concert
  • Watch the fireworks with sober friends
  • Take a bike ride or a refreshing swim

At Alina Lodge, our alumni program is there to keep our community together. We have anniversary celebrations, luncheons, picnics, and more for our alumni to enjoy. Just keep in mind that staying sober can be fun if you know some sober activities.

Enjoy a Sober 4th of July with Help from Alina Lodge

Although the 4th of July may involve drinking for many people, it’s actually the perfect holiday to celebrate without alcohol. Fireworks, concerts, and the summer weather are fun without being under the influence of alcohol. If you or a loved one wants to enjoy Independence Day without alcohol, reach out to Alina Lodge. Our team can give you tips and strategies to remain sober on the 4th of July. Contact us by either calling 833.685.1700 or completing our secure online form.

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