How EMDR Therapy Can Help Anxiety

Many people struggle with an anxiety disorder, while many others misunderstand it. Anxiety’s debilitating effects can be underestimated, and those who have anxiety can feel isolated as a result. When individuals are dealing with anxiety, learning about the disorder, as well as how to treat it, can ease fears. While nobody is immune from feeling alone, there are always people who can help.

If you or a loved one is dealing with anxiety symptoms, it’s critical to stay vigilant of these symptoms. Talk to those who you’re close with and can trust, and take time to take in information about this disorder. No one has to go through it alone, and Alina Lodge’s highly capable team is ready to help. One of our cutting-edge treatment options for anxiety is our EMDR therapy program.

EMDR Therapy for Anxiety

Getting treatment for anxiety can be anxiety-inducing in itself, especially if medical treatments and conventional therapies haven’t worked. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, also known as EMDR, is a form of treatment that has proven to help people recover from traumatic experiences and disorders they may have as a result. EMDR therapy for anxiety is designed to help people process their traumatic experiences safely and comfortably.

Dealing with anxiety can feel like a vicious cycle. Memories trigger negative thoughts, affecting one’s ability to concentrate, get work done, and do self-care. EMDR therapy is designed to combat this by:

  • Helping the person to detach negative thoughts from associated memories, reducing anxiety
  • Identifying and targeting negative memories and triggers
  • Using bilateral stimulation (BLS), in which the person recalls events whilst doing specific eye movements
  • Producing long-lasting reduction in feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety

While EMDR therapy for anxiety is still not widely understood, the evidence for its efficacy is impressive. Those with substance use disorders often also have experienced trauma that can be treated with EMDR. This treatment can be just one component of a personalized treatment plan. Adding EMDR to an individual’s treatment plan can significantly reduce any anxiety symptoms that may linger after regular treatments.

Anxiety Treatment at Alina Lodge

At Alina Lodge, our specialists can help you and your loved ones to build a plan of attack against anxiety. We are very experienced in working with students who have anxiety, addiction, or both. We offer dual-diagnosis care for students who need treatment for both anxiety and substance use disorders. This allows students to get care for their mental health and addiction symptoms simultaneously.

Our options for treatment include:

  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy programs
  • Mindfulness-based relapse prevention therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Anger management therapy
  • Grief counseling and therapy

In a dual-diagnosis program, students can have better chances at longer-lasting recovery. Finding the root causes of the symptoms can take time, but it can be made easier with an integrated approach. At Alina Lodge, we provide long-term care so you and your family can heal at your own pace. We encourage families to come and participate, and our graduates can continue to enjoy activities regularly in our alumni program.

Explore EMDR Therapy at Alina Lodge to Ease Anxiety

Taking care of yourself can feel like it should be the last priority at times, but self-care and rest are vital to proper mental and physical health. At Alina Lodge, we believe that everyone holds the tools within themselves to heal. It may require extra care, understanding, and time, but there are many who can help you along the way. Our top-notch team is here with our EMDR therapy in NJ. Contact us today by calling 833.685.1700 or completing our online contact form and let our team become part of your team.

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