Managing Anger and Stress

Anger and stress are normal, healthy emotions. However, for some people, these emotions may become difficult to control. They may become so intense that anger and stress may limit your health and wellbeing. These feelings may even put relationships, careers, and education in jeopardy. When things get out of control too often, it’s essential to seek out support for your mental health from an anger management therapy program. Our team at Alina Lodge can offer the support that you need.

When Do Anger and Stress Go Too Far?

Anger is an emotion that’s often expressed through words and actions. In some situations, a person who is angry lashes out at others, expressing their fear, frustration, or concern. Once expressed, most people calm down and find a solution for the problem. Sometimes high levels of stress can make managing anger hard to do. It can seem to be impossible to let go of what’s happening. Signs that anger and stress have gone too far include:

  • Being unable to stop yourself from outbursts
  • Experiencing intense moments of stress you don’t always understand
  • Using drugs or alcohol to control stress
  • Hurting yourself or others, or feeling urges to do so
  • Damaging property or possessions
  • Feeling a sense of relief only when an outburst like this occurs

Many people who need help struggle with what happens to them when they’re upset. They don’t want to act like this and damage relationships. Yet, they feel unable to control what’s happening.

Who Needs Anger Management?

Many people need anger management treatment in a professionally provided therapy program designed to address that individual’s unique needs. For example, some people have intense anger because of past trauma. Something traumatic happened when they were younger, which put them in this position. The brain hasn’t dealt with that trauma, and, as a result, angry outbursts provide the emotional outlet.

Other times, anger management programs can help men and women struggling with depression to overcome those challenges. Medications, for example, may play a role in this. Some people with anger and stress like this also need treatment for bipolar disorder or other types of mental health conditions. All of this can be treated at Alina Lodge.

The goal of anger management programs is first to help you understand where the anger comes from. If it is strictly from stress, you’ll learn skills for managing that stress effectively. This may include learning more effective strategies for managing stressful situations. Sometimes, you have to make the conscious decision to leave that stress behind.  Also, you’ll learn how to avoid situations that make you angry. For those battling anger resulting from stress, that may mean finding a new job or leaving a toxic relationship.

How Can Alina Lodge Help with Anger and Stress?

When you face the challenges of stress, and it leads to outbursts of anger, you may feel helpless and unable to stop what is happening. That out-of-control feeling can be alleviated or even eliminated. You can get the treatment you need to be more confident in your decision-making.

Our goal is to help you with the level and type of care you need. That often means addressing the underlying cause of your anger as well as providing you with tools to manage stress better. Some of the therapies that we can use for this include:

  • Family therapy programs
  • MBRP therapy programs
  • Grief therapy programs
  • Group therapy programs
  • Substance use disorder treatment

We offer a comprehensive anger management therapy program that can provide you with all of the support you need. No matter what is behind your feelings, we can help you through it all.

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