Observing World Mental Health Day

The World Federation for Mental Health was founded in 1948 to promote mental health awareness. It continues to be the only international multidisciplinary, grassroots advocacy and education organization concerned with all aspects of mental health. Together with the global community, they have come to recognize October 10th as World Mental Health Day. Since 1992, World Mental Health Day aims to raise mental health awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding the various mental health issues that affect people across the planet.

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Why Is World Mental Health Day Important?

Mental health affects everyone, with more and more people across the globe suffering on a variety of fronts. Consider figures from the National Alliance on Mental Illness as an example of why mental health awareness is critical today:

  • Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experiences mental illness in a given year.
  • Approximately 1 in 25 adults in the U.S. experiences a serious mental illness in a given year that substantially interferes with or limits one or more major life activities.
  • Approximately 1 in 5 youth aged 13–18 experience a severe mental disorder at some point during their life. For children aged 8–15, the estimate is 13%.

Ways to Observe World Mental Health Day

This year, consider the ways in which you might observe World Mental Health Day. This could mean looking inward and reflecting on your life, past trauma, and bright future. You can have conversations with family and friends or help in your local community. Other ways to celebrate World Mental Health Day include:

Raise Awareness

Be a vocal champion of mental health awareness online, on social media, and through real-life conversations at work and at home. Simply talking more about mental health is one of the best and easiest ways to observe World Mental Health Day. Share your mental health journey and provide resources for getting well with your friends, family, and coworkers you might be quietly suffering.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care is identified as any habit that encourages positive mental health. These self-care routines can improve your mental health in inexpensive, easy ways. Some of the ways you can practice self-care include:

  • Exercise
  • Journaling
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Healthy eating/cooking
  • Practice gratitude
  • Prioritizing sleep
  • Setting boundaries

Participate in an Official World Mental Health Day Event

On October 10th, there will be numerous events hosted by several health organizations throughout the world. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) holds a global forum called The Big Event for Mental Health. Those participating in that event will hear from mental health practitioners, world leaders, and other mental health awareness advocates. Additionally, The World Federation for Mental Health is hosting an art exhibition that will highlight the importance of creating art to improve mental health. Use the hashtag #ArtForMentalHealth on social media to view art from all over the world.

Take a Mental Health Self-Assessment

It is critical to stay in tune with your own mental health as you age and your personal life situation evolves and changes over time. Gauging your mental health is a significant first step in understanding the role of mental health in your life.

Celebrate World Mental Health Day with Alina Lodge

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