Tips for Enjoying a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

There is a lot to love about St. Patrick’s Day. It is often a day to get outdoors and have some fun, even if the winter cold is still present. It’s a day to spend laughing and enjoying all that is Irish. Yet, for those who are engaging in substance abuse as a tradition on this day, it can be difficult to see how a sober St. Patrick’s Day could be enjoyable. At Alina Lodge, our team can offer tips and strategies to help you celebrate a sober St. Patrick’s Day, even if you aren’t Irish.

Plan a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

It’s possible to celebrate this holiday without having to drink alcohol. Even though that may have been your habit before, many people don’t engage in alcohol consumption on this day. The key is to think about new strategies to break with the old tradition but still provide engagement and good memories. Some techniques to enjoy a sober St. Patrick’s Day include:

  • Go to the parade – If you live in an area where there is a parade, be a part of it. If you cannot participate directly, then watch. Choose an area that isn’t near bars or younger people.
  • Dress the part – There’s something fun about dressing in green on this holiday. It may be that it is a sign of spring being right around the corner. Get dressed up and eat some Irish food. Whether you love corned beef and cabbage or other Irish cuisines, make sure that’s a significant part of your day.
  • Host your own party – You can host your own party, you just leave the alcohol out. Choose a green punch instead.
  • Find a local festival – Not all Irish festivals have alcohol at them. If they do, skip them. Look for something at your local church, community center, or local halls. Or, plan your own!

There are a lot of ways to safely celebrate this holiday. What’s most important is to make alcohol the last thing you think about during the celebration.

Why Is Being Around Alcohol a Problem on a Sober St. Patrick’s Day?

For people with substance abuse disorders, spending time around alcohol or people consuming it puts them at risk for relapse. The cravings can become too powerful, too fast. In other cases, you may find that no one cares how much work you have put into your sober living goals and alcohol abuse treatment. You cannot trust those engaging in this type of consumption to help you avoid doing so. That’s why it’s best to find an activity that doesn’t put your hard work at risk.

Do You Need Help for Substance Abuse?

Maybe you are not ready for substance abuse treatment yet. You are still using alcohol. You may want to enjoy sober living, but you have not been able to commit to doing so yet. Recognize that now is the time to get help. Alcohol abuse can become more evident on holidays like this. It may show you that it’s time to get treatment for alcohol or substance abuse. Our Alina Lodge team is here to help make that possible. When you reach out to our team, you’ll gain access to a wide range of treatment options, including:

  • Residential treatment program
  • Long-term treatment program
  • Men’s rehab program
  • Women’s rehab program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

You can live a healthy lifestyle that is full of happy days without having to feel the pressure of an alcohol addiction. Let our team help you achieve your recovery goals.

Are You Ready to Get Support? Call Alina Lodge Today

A sober St. Patrick’s Day may not be possible for some people. If you are engaging in alcohol abuse now and wish you could stop, let our team of dedicated professionals help you. We work closely with each person to ensure they have the tools they need to learn how to stop falling victim to addiction. To learn more, call 833.685.1700 or connect with us online.

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