Understanding the Stages of Alcoholism

Alcoholism does not start quickly. Often, it takes time to build up. Sometimes this occurs over a process that involves several stages of alcoholism. No matter where you are right now in that process, know that there’s help available to you. With the right supportive resources in an alcohol rehab program, you can create a long, healthy future for yourself without reliance on alcohol. Alina Lodge provides the resources to help you stop using for good.

What Are the Stages of Alcoholism?

There are generally four stages of alcoholism a person may go through over a period of time. How fast a person moves through this depends on their personal circumstances.

  • Pre-alcoholic stage –  Difficult to spot, this stage is the beginning process when the body is becoming used to alcohol. A person turns to it as a way to unwind and manage stress, help them sleep, or relax in social situations.
  • Early-stage alcoholism – In this situation, a person is more likely to have lost periods of time and may binge drink. They may be more willing to experiment and engage in reckless behaviors. They may not drink daily, but they are doing so more frequently. Family and friends begin to notice what is happening in this stage.
  • Middle alcoholic stage – Here, it’s more obvious that alcohol is an integral part of a person’s life, even though they try to hide it. A person is more likely to be drinking in the morning or at work. They may have much less control over when they drink, and, often, drinking becomes the most important part of their day.
  • End-stage alcoholism – In this situation, the alcohol use is easily noticed, and trying to stop leads to more intense drinking binges. In this stage, a person may have trouble functioning in daily tasks and responsibilities, and they may have developed health problems from alcohol.

As this condition progresses, a person may feel more intensely that they need to drink. At the same time, more areas of their lives are impacted, including family, work, and school. It becomes more complex to manage this disorder. Sometimes, it is impossible to do anything but drink due to the ongoing cravings.

Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism at Any Stage Is Beneficial

As alcoholism progresses, a person may feel more compelled to drink. Yet, even in the early stages, it’s tough to stop. That’s when treatment for alcoholism becomes critical. Without it, this condition will progress like any other disease. The longer a person waits to get help, the more help they will need and the more complex therapy becomes.

At Alina Lodge, our goal is to provide you with every facet of treatment possible as soon as possible. We teach you how to be sober. Even if you are not able to admit that you need help right now, you can start learning about the treatment options we offer and how they can improve your health and quality of life.

At the heart of the process is recognizing that alcoholism is a disease that changes the function of your brain. Once you realize that, you can see clearly that an alcohol rehab program is the best way to overcome the disease fully. We can help with programs such as:

  • Alcohol detox program
  • Residential treatment program
  • Long-term treatment programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment programs
  • Men’s rehab program
  • Women’s rehab program

Find Support to Address Alcoholism at Alina Lodge

No matter which stage of alcoholism you are in, there’s help available to get you through it. Our team at Alina Lodge wants to teach you how to become sober and maintain sobriety for years to come. Our comprehensive treatment programs are ready for you. Learn about them when you call 833.685.1700 or reach out to our professionals today online.

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