Alina Lodge is proud to be exhibiting at the West Coast Symposium in Palm Springs, CA.
We encourage you to visit us at booths 321 & 322!

Our partnership with High Watch Recovery Center has led to facility improvements, changes in our program, and a strong commitment to our 28-day program.

Alina Lodge’s beginnings as a non-profit treatment center are deeply rooted in the history of AA. Ina Trevis, founder of Alina Lodge, began her recovery journey at High Watch Farm in Connecticut. Her dream was to start a similar "place in the country for recovering alcoholics"  in New Jersey. She found the perfect location with over 80 acres and an old house with a long, beautiful history. This became the new site of Alina Lodge.

From that foundation has grown one of the nation’s most storied and respected treatment centers.

Every facet of our program is dedicated to supporting families throughout the recovery process. We encourage loved ones to take an active role in their own recovery.

Participants are involved in a structured program that includes:

  • Educational presentations concerning substance use disorders
  • Support and understanding gained in small group discussion
  • Individual conference time designed to address personal issues
  • An introduction to Al-Anon family groups, which we recommend for continuing support

We are excited to reintroduce ourselves to the treatment community and partner with other ethical providers to ensure that all our guests have access to the care they need.