Anxiety Treatment Therapy Program

Anxiety can manifest itself in a number of ways. You might have trouble staying focused or worry about things you can’t control. These thoughts and feelings can lead you to try drugs or alcohol to calm down the anxiety.

For some people, substance abuse had led to anxiety and other mental health needs. The two are often interwoven, and it is necessary to get anxiety treatment when it is present while you struggle with addiction. At Alina Lodge, we focus on your anxiety and addiction at the same time. With the right treatment, you can uncover the cause of your anxiety and get the help you deserve to heal.

Understanding Anxiety and the Impact on Addiction

Anxiety can come on gradually or can occur after a stressful event. You might have a stressful life full of commitments, and you don’t have time to take care of yourself. It isn’t your fault that you feel anxiety, but it is important that you get mental health treatment when you need it. If you ignore the growing problems, you can end up with debilitating anxiety that makes it impossible to get through each day.

Some of the signs of building anxiety include:

  • Getting easily irritated over little problems
  • Having trouble focusing on work or easy tasks
  • Feeling disorganized and unable to keep track of things you need to do
  • Difficulty sleeping, headaches, or feeling unwell

You might overreact to a situation or find that you don’t want to be around people because it gets you too upset. As your anxiety gets worse, it becomes harder to get a good night of sleep and eat a healthy diet. Exercise is more difficult when you are feeling anxious, as is meditation or other forms of relaxation. It’s crucial to learn about the cause of your anxiety so that you can focus on managing it better.

The Importance of Anxiety Treatment

  • Anxiety has a variety of causes. Lack of sleep and too much stress can spiral out of control. Addiction develops when you try to use drugs or alcohol to ease the symptoms of anxiety. When you don’t get anxiety treatment, everything in your life gets worse. It doesn’t go away on its own and can wreak havoc on every facet of your life. Your anxiety becomes more complicated, and addiction takes over your life.

    When you receive treatment for anxiety, you might:

    • Go through a medication evaluation to see if a prescription would help you heal
    • Talk with a therapist to work on negative thought patterns
    • Work on uncovering reasons for your anxiety to process through them
    • Go to group therapy sessions to learn from peers who are also dealing with anxiety

    When you need anxiety treatment and addiction treatment, it is possible to get both at the same time. You can go to a program for dual diagnosis, which allows you to get the support necessary to work on mental health and addiction together. You can recover from an addiction when you get the care you need to manage your anxiety symptoms. When you have your anxiety under control, it becomes easier to break free from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Get Anxiety Treatment Today at Alina Lodge

When you need help to stop abusing substances, it’s crucial to find a treatment program that can meet your needs. At Alina Lodge, we are ready to give you the anxiety treatment you need to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. You don’t need to let your anxiety sit untreated when you go to a treatment program. Contact our team today at 800.575.6343 and get the help you deserve.