What Is a Process Addiction?

Do you ever feel like you need to do something to change your life? Do you have a habit you would like to break, but that seems to be very hard to control? There are many examples of these sorts of habitual dependencies, which specialists often refer to as “process addictions” or as “behavioral addictions.” What is a process addiction? Do you need professional help to overcome it? Where do you get started? The expert clinical team at Alina Lodge provides you with comprehensive addiction treatment to manage these conditions.

If you are worried that you or someone you care about is struggling with a process addiction, reach out to Alina Lodge today using our secure online form or by calling us at 833.685.1700.

What Is a Process Addiction?

Despite how they are often portrayed in the media, a process addiction is a type of mental health disorder and not just a matter of willpower or moral strength. A process addiction occurs when a person feels the need to engage in an activity on a consistent basis, even when the individual understands that doing so is having a detrimental effect on other people or themselves. They know it’s not something they should do, but they feel compelled to do so. Some examples of process addiction include:

  • Shopping addictions
  • Gambling addictions
  • Compulsive sexual activity
  • Video game addictions
  • Internet addictions

While these types of addictions do not always have direct health risks in the same way that substance use or more severe types of mental illness do, they do impact emotional, social, and physical health over time.

Do You Need Help Dealing with a Process Addiction?

The question that many individuals have is, “What is a process addiction actually doing to me?” The key to remember here is that process addictions can cause harm to you and to the people whom you love and who rely on you. Often, a person that does not receive help for a process addiction may move from one obsession to the next quickly and easily, only worsening their health and often ruining their relationships and finances. Many people with these addictions also have more complex problems, including mental health disorders and substance use disorders, that underpin and fuel their addictive behavior. Comprehensive treatment, then, is essential to minimize these risks to your future.

What Happens in Process Addiction Treatment?

When you enroll in our addiction treatment, you’ll have a full health assessment at admissions. From there, we’ll determine what type of care may be right for you. If you are using drugs or alcohol, you may benefit from medical drug detox. That’s the first step. Then, you’ll enter into our residential treatment program to gain mental health stability.

Our process addiction treatment program is designed to help you to gain control over the negative thought patterns that often lead to these addictive behaviors. Among the treatment approaches on offer at Alina Lodge are:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Psychiatric care such as dual diagnosis treatment
  • EMDR therapy and other evidence-based treatments
  • A continuous care plan
  • Aftercare and alumni supportive services

There are many types of addictions that fall into the process addiction category. If you are finding yourself being overtaken by these risks, it’s critical to be aggressive in getting care. Our team at Alina Lodge can help you to create a stable future where these types of behaviors do not control you. Take the time to invest in your future by learning about our treatment tools.

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What is a process addiction doing to you and your future? Whether it is creating relationship problems or you are struggling with financial turmoil, it is possible to break free. Our team at Alina Lodge can offer the safe, comfortable space you need to work on improvement. You just need to call us at 833.685.1700 to get the support necessary.

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