28-Day Rehab Program

A residential treatment program is widely considered the best approach for combatting substance use disorders such as alcohol, cocaine, prescription painkillers, or other drugs.

It is common for some residential programs to overlook the flexibility that is truly needed in terms of length-of-stay. It is a fact that everyone’s journey to recovery is different. While some people need a month in residential treatment, others might need 3-5 months. Alina Lodge provides that flexibility. Alina Lodge knows that not everyone struggling with addiction has the same needs in terms of length of stay or clinical approach.

Our clinical approaches and treatment plans are as unique as the needs of our guests. Our residential treatment program allows for greater access and opportunity to those who need it and provides the same structured, evidence-based treatment that has made us a leading and respected residential treatment center for addiction.

Features of Our 28-Day Rehab Program

Our residential treatment program offers the highest quality of care and access to the compassionate and professional staff that we have been known for, for over 65 years. Some of the many advantages include:

  • We accept insurance
  • Onsite, full-service detox
  • The minimum length of stay is 28 days, although longer stays are available
  • Smoking is permitted in designated areas
  • We allow family and children contact within the first 28 days
  • Limited, supervised access to work is available when appropriate

Combine 28 Days with Proven Results

In the summer of 2020, Alina Lodge commissioned the OMNI Institute–an independent social science consultancy–to evaluate our program’s guest experience. The results, published in December of 2020, were overwhelmingly positive and included data points like:

  • 95% of all participants were confident they would stay sober for the next three months
  • 84% of study participants felt “very prepared” to handle cravings for alcohol and drugs after graduating from the program at Alina Lodge
  • 90% of those guests that started the treatment program completed it
  • 88% of participants followed all treatment recommendations, and 87% followed all aftercare recommendations
  • 89% of participants reported no substance use in the past month
  • 76% of participants reported no substance use since leaving treatment at Alina Lodge

Alina Lodge is committed to proven, effective treatment and care of their guests. Our use of evidence-based therapeutic techniques and a personalized approach to care is unchanging. However, not all aspects of treatment and care should be unchanging; there must be room to grow and evolve.

By introducing a 28-day residential treatment program, we bring the same approach used in our long-term residential treatment program–an approach that yields tangible results and has gained us recognition in the industry. However, by establishing a 28-day minimum, we grant access to a larger population of potential participants who need our help.

Change is empowering–whether it is new techniques and processes for the addiction treatment industry or adjustments to a proven residential treatment program. Our guests are dynamic and changing, so we adapt to continue providing the best treatment for the best possible outcomes.

Learn More at Alina Lodge Today

Three core values drive the Alina Lodge mission to help individuals who are struggling with substance use disorders and their families. They are:

  • Integrity. We help our guests become honest with themselves so that they can change their lives.
  • Time. We provide time for our guests to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Compassion. We offer empathy and safety to our guests as we walk with them through discomfort, pain, and fear.

Addiction is complicated. If you, a friend, or a member of your family is battling a substance use disorder and feeling lost or helpless, the compassionate, highly trained clinical staff at Alina Lodge is here to help.

Reach out to us online today or call 800.575.6343 to learn more. It’s time you got the help you deserve.