Alumni Program

One of the most valuable assets of Alina Lodge is our alumni. The Alumni Department is dedicated to supporting not only those who have recently begun their journey of recovery but also those individuals who have enjoyed continuous sobriety.

Welcome to the Alumni Family

We are grateful for you and helping you succeed in your recovery is important to us. Our alumni services provide caring connections that offer meaningful support, reminding you that you don’t ever have to walk this path of recovery alone. We provide regular outreach calls, meetings, events, activities, opportunities for service and participation in our Recovery App. More information about these vital touch points below.


Online AA Meetings 5 Days a Week

Join us on Zoom 5 days a week for our virtual AA gatherings!

Zoom Meeting ID: 674-291-2077

We also celebrate anniversaries; see more information about that below.

Meeting Schedule

Monday 12:00pm – Step Meeting

Tuesday 12:00pm – Topic/Discussion Meeting

Wednesday 12:00pm – Came to Believe/Grapevine Meeting

Thursday 12:00pm – As Bill Sees It Meeting

Friday 12:00pm -The Week’s End Tune up Meeting

All Meetings EST – Eastern Standard Time

The Alina and Haley Community Recovery App

Our Alina and Haley Community app:

  • Is a 24 hour a day connection to alumni and select staff.
  • Contains inspirations and meditations, links to wellness podcasts and articles
  • Provides a community discussion area in which you can connect to other alumni, share your successes, challenges and ask for support.
  • Offers a daily gratitude journal and a recovery milestone counter for you to keep track of your success.

Scan the QR code below to join!


*Please note that your request to join will be reviewed and confirmed by our staff. Please allow one to two business days for the approval.


Ways to Share your Message of Hope and Healing

Celebrate Your Anniversary

We believe celebrating milestones is important for both the speaker and our current guests and we provide the chance for alumni to celebrate their anniversaries regularly. The fact that you have lived experience as an alumni can be especially meaningful to our guests. Sharing your experience, strength and hope is powerful. If you are coming up on an anniversary soon and would like to share your message of hope with our guests in person or virtually, reach out to Renée at to schedule your celebration!

Take a Speaking Commitment

You can take a speaking commitment even if you are not currently celebrating an anniversary. We are always looking for speakers. Staying in touch also allows you to be considered when other volunteer opportunities that come about throughout the year. Reach out to Jenn at


Your story has power. A testimonial can help another person make the decision to get help. We utilize them on the website, social media, in our brochures, and everywhere else our message of healing and hope is shared. It can be a whole story, a couple of paragraphs, a sentence. Please contact Jenn at if you are willing to provide us with a testimonial. What comes from the heart goes to the heart. Your words will help others and give them the hope they need.

Service Commitments at Annual Events

Volunteering to help at an Alina Lodge event is a wonderful way to give back. We are always in need of help on the day of our Picnic in June. Take a service commitment and offer the Lodge your time. Whether you are blowing up balloons or working a water table, there are many little jobs to do, and we need you!!! Service work is where it’s at!

5th-Step Volunteers

Sharing is one aspect of giving back and listening is another. If you have worked the steps, have a good amount of stable recovery, and are a member of AA or NA who would like to give back, call Renée, and we will add your name to our list of 5th-step volunteers.

Events and Activities

Fellowship is important and we like to support our alumni by providing multiple opportunities to experience community and fellowship. Our regional alumni dinners and activities such as our annual picnic for alumni and their families are just some of the examples of what we do throughout the year to keep our alumni connected. Check out the ways to stay informed below, so you don’t miss a thing!


Stay Updated

Being a member of the Recovery App, following our social media pages, attending our meetings, and keeping your contact information current are all ways for you to stay up to date around what we are planning next! We invite you to reach out to our Alumni Coordinator Jenn at with any questions, updates or feedback you may have.

Contact Us Today

The Alumni Department is dedicated to supporting not only those who have recently begun their journey of recovery but also those individuals who have enjoyed continuous sobriety.