One of the most valuable assets of Alina Lodge is our alumni. The Alumni Department is dedicated to supporting not only those who have recently begun their journey of recovery but also those individuals who have enjoyed continuous sobriety.

Our Graduates

women celebrating in rehab alumni program Families of alumni are significant assets to the Alina Lodge program. They offer vital support. Alina Lodge alumni are invited (and encouraged!) to participate in a variety of special events held both at the Lodge and throughout the country.

Special events include celebrating your anniversary at the Lodge. This invitation to celebrate is extended to anyone who has maintained continued sobriety since leaving the Lodge. Family and friends are also invited to join the celebrant for dinner. Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to attend.

Alumni Gatherings

Alina Lodge hosts alumni gatherings throughout the year. Please check the events page. View events


Luncheons are held in the spring and fall and feature a guest speaker. Our luncheons are open to graduates, families, and friends of Alina Lodge.

Alumni Picnic

Come and visit the Lodge at the largest alumni event of the year!

Online AA Meetings 6 Days a Week!

Join us on Zoom 6 days a week for our virtual AA gatherings! 

Zoom Meeting ID: 674-291-2077

Email for the password

Winter Meeting Schedule

Monday 12:00pm – Step Meeting

Tuesday 12:00pm – Topic/Discussion Meeting

Wednesday 12:00pm – Came to Believe/Grapevine Meeting

Thursday 12:00pm – As Bill Sees It Meeting

Friday 12:00pm -The Week’s End Tune up Meeting

Sunday 10:00am – Daily Reflections Meeting

All Meetings EST – Eastern Standard Time

Calling All Alumni!


Come and celebrate your anniversary at Alina Lodge in person or virtually! The most important speakers the current students will hear during their stay is YOU! You slept in the beds, you went through the lectures, you made the changes necessary, and you are leading a happy, productive life today. The promises are coming true! Come back and share your experience, strength, and hope with the current students. They need to hear your message.

Returning to the Lodge is an emotional experience. It’s very important to renew your commitment to sobriety each year by taking the time to speak to our current group of students around your anniversary. It is a perfect time to remember and to reflect.

We are hoping all students will hear their story from one of our alumni speakers during their stay. You will give them the hope they so badly need. If you can do it, they can do it!

Fill a Speaking Commitment

Alina Lodge is always looking for AA speakers with more than two years of sobriety to come share on a Thursday evening or a Saturday morning. A fantastic way to help the Lodge is to take a service commitment. Call Laurie and come speak or fill the commitment with a speaker from your home group that you think has a good message.


We need testimonials from alumni in every shape and form. We use them on the website, Facebook, in our brochures, and everywhere else we spread our message of healing and hope. It can be a whole story, a couple of paragraphs, a sentence. Please contact Laurie at the Lodge if you can commit to providing us with a testimonial. What comes from the heart goes to the heart. Your words will help others and give them the hope they need.

Service Commitments at Annual Events

Volunteering to help out at an Alina Lodge event is a wonderful way to give back. We are always in need of help on the day of our Gratitude Picnic in June. Take a service commitment and offer the Lodge your time. Whether you are blowing up balloons or working a water table, there are many little jobs to do, and we need you!!! Service work is where it’s at!

5th-Step Volunteers

If you have worked the steps, have a good amount of sobriety/clean time, and are a current member of AA or NA who would like to give back, call Laurie, and we will add your name to our list of 5th-step volunteers.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact Laurie at the Lodge for more information or suggestions. Her passion for giving people hope lives on at Alina Lodge and Haley House!

Contact Us Today: 833.685.1700

The Alumni Department is dedicated to supporting not only those who have recently begun their journey of recovery but also those individuals who have enjoyed continuous sobriety.