Chronic Relapse Treatment Program

Individualized, Comprehensive Approach to Long-Term Care

After completing a treatment program and making a strong attempt to recover from alcohol or substance addiction, it can be both easy and heartbreaking to fall into old habits and relapse. Without the proper continued support and longer-lasting treatment, there may not be a strong enough foundation to build on to fight relapse.

At Alina Lodge, our individualized and comprehensive approach to long-term care allows our guests to feel more fulfillment in their recovery and less difficulty dealing with relapse. If you or a loved one are experiencing difficulty maintaining sobriety or you’re noticing the first signs of addiction, the time to act is now. Our Alina Lodge team is ready with a wide range of addiction treatment options in Blairstown, New Jersey, including our sober living homes and chronic relapse treatment.

Benefits of Long-Term Care in Relapse Prevention

Although maintaining recovery can feel like a daunting task, it’s important to consider that long-term treatment programs and services are designed to provide long-term support. Keep in mind that those who have found the most success in recovery and sobriety have done so with the help of others.

Knowing who you should reach out to can be difficult, but Alina Lodge stands out from other centers in that our programs and services are uniquely inclusive, offering continual care throughout the stages of addiction recovery. We have a long and proud history of alumni, and over the years, we have expanded our therapy programs to address specific areas of need to help with chronic relapse. Some of these therapy programs include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP) therapy

Because of the wide range of therapy programs, our Alina Lodge team is able to personalize treatment plans to fit the individual needs of each person in our care.

Our multidisciplinary team at Alina Lodge can offer a rich, flexible, and compassionate journey towards recovery and relapse prevention. Treating each individual condition separately can take a lot of extra time, money and cost a lot of extra heartaches. Getting long-term care that is comprehensive allows access to more tools that can be used in maintaining sobriety.

Not every student is able to achieve a recovery on the first attempt, or even the second or third. Leaving a residential program before treatment ends interrupts your continuum of care. This often leads to relapse. However, just because you tried once and faltered, does not mean there is no reason to keep fighting. In fact, it means the opposite. The harder you try and the more determined you are to adhere to your treatment program and practice your recovery behaviors, the better results you’ll experience.

At Alina Lodge, we address this issue in several ways. Most important, we offer long-term care, which is more effective and less costly than multiple short stints in rehab.


Start Your Journey Today

When you are battling a substance use disorder, reaching out for help is the first step in your recovery journey. Addiction doesn’t happen overnight, nor does recovery. Your brain and body need time to fully heal from addiction, which is why you must reach out to a residential treatment center that will give you the time you need to regain control of your life. Reach out to Alina Lodge today at 800.575.6343 to find out more about our programs and your treatment options.