Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center at Alina Lodge

Simultaneous Treatment for Substance Use Disorder & Mental Health Conditions

As a dual diagnosis treatment center, Alina Lodge is proud to offer simultaneous treatment for substance use disorder and the co-occurring mental health conditions that so often fuel those disorders. It is, unfortunately, all too common that individuals struggling with the mental health concerns that are so often impact recovery, do not get the treatment they need. More often than not, a person’s mental health disorder do not receive the attention they need to sustain long term recovery, instead of getting mental health treatment, they receive care that attempts to treat their addiction issues without addressing its root causes. This often leads to a prolonged cycle of addiction that sometimes involves a patient moving from facility to facility without any real progress towards fully addressing their mental health needs.

At Alina Lodge, we recognize the importance of providing a safe place for our clients to heal from their complex mental health disorders and substance use disorders. If you are ready for change, our team is here to make it possible for you. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs, please contact Alina Lodge today at 800.575.6343 or use our convenient online form.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

About half of all people who have a substance use disorder will also have a mental health disorder, and the same holds true for those struggling with mental illness possessing a substance abuse problem. When a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder occur together in one person, it is known as dual diagnosis. This is an important distinction because treatment needs to be administered for both conditions simultaneously. It is much less effective to treat the substance use disorder separate from the mental health disorder.

That is because the two conditions tend to influence and exacerbate one another. For example, an individual struggling with depression might turn to alcohol to escape those negative feelings, a form of self-medication. However, alcohol (which is itself a depressant) can lead to further depression, which leads to further drinking, and could eventually lead to an alcohol dependency. It could also happen the other way around–a social drinker who has become dependent upon alcohol could develop depression or an anxiety disorder which drives them to drink more and worsens their mental health. If only treating one condition at a time, it ignores the impact the other disorder has on the guest's overall wellbeing. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both needs simultaneously.


Who Needs Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Our dual diagnosis treatment center in New Jersey is designed to provide our clients with one-on-one support for all of their unique needs. In addition to treating drug and alcohol use disorders, we treat the mental health disorders that so often accompany addiction, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder, among many others.

By providing a comprehensive program that addresses both of these needs, you can be confident you’ll have all the tools you need for recovery. You may benefit from such a program if:

  • You’re in active addiction and struggling to stop using.
  • You use alcohol or drugs to reduce the impact of mental health disorders on your life. That is, you use substances to feel “normal” and not just to escape.
  • You don’t see a way forward.
  • You’re struggling to meet the responsibilities of relationships, work, and school.
  • You have an undiagnosed or diagnosed mental health disorder.

Not every program is suitable for every person in recovery. However, at Alina Lodge, we strive to design addiction treatment programs customized to meet each guest's individual needs. Our programs begin with a 28-day minimum stay but can be extended based on the guest's individual needs.

What To Expect from Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

While at Alina Lodge, you receive exceptional care and access to a comprehensive addiction treatment program, psychological assessments, ongoing evaluations for co-occurring disorders to ensure you are consistently getting the focused, personalized treatment you need to heal. Through honest feedback and high-quality care, we’ll teach you healthier ways of coping that don’t involve self-medicating. With mental health assessments and individual counseling, our experienced and compassionate care team will devise a treatment plan that’s customized to you, addressing your specific needs and concerns. As a result, you’ll have the best chance of achieving long-term recovery. Our program offers:

  • Experienced, licensed and accredited clinical team
  • Onsite, full-service detox will be reopening soon
  • We accept insurance
  • A minimum length of stay of 28 days, although extended stays are available if clinically necessary
  • Access to psychological assessments and care
  • Smoking is permitted in designated areas
  • Limited, supervised access to work is available when appropriate
  • We now allow family and children contact within the first 28 days

If you have co-occurring disorders, now is the time to reach out to a professional who can offer help. Our addiction treatment and recovery services are available to you today. Don’t wait to get the care you need and to get the fresh start you deserve.


Start Your Journey Today

You don’t have to struggle with drug and alcohol use or the mental health issues fueling it. Comprehensive support in a caring, comfortable environment is available to you at Alina Lodge. Learn more about our dual diagnosis treatment center. Call us today at 800.575.6343 to find out more about our programs and your treatment options.